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it is important to get people to prepare for death

Posted in Uncategorized on March 20, 2009 by crystalake

Looking back, he said what helped him through the year was his faith in God, a sense of humour and the fact that he had put his finances in order. The devout Catholic said: ‘People were surprised I was so calm throughout the whole thing. I think if I didn’t have a strong faith in God, I would have been in a panic.’Mr Ee was hard-pressed to answer when asked what proved most difficult for him in facing up to cancer. But he confessed to being worried before the surgery to remove his tumour.

‘There are only two outcomes: you wake up, or you don’t,’ he said. ‘If you don’t wake up, that’s the end of the story and my will and life insurance would take care of what happens after that.
‘But if you wake up, you have to figure out what to do after that.’

After keeping his illness private for a year, the Lien Foundation campaign gave Mr Ee a chance to share what he had gone through.

He thinks it is important to get people to prepare for death. Among other things, their families may suffer if they fail to settle their finances before they go.

He said: ‘The only thing in life you can guarantee, and nowadays people talk about guarantees, is death.

‘If you treat death as taboo and don’t prepare for it, you are leaving behind a legacy in which your family will suffer because you ignore it and pretend it won’t happen to you.’