How to Accept Things We Cannot Change

1. Be strong and hold on!
Understand things happen to everyone of us. Many of them are beyond our control. Whatever the situation may be, God has a way of giving us the courage we need to face whatever the giant is we are facing in our life.

2. Grieve then give yourself time to heal.
Be sensitive to your own needs. It’s okay to feel pain and grieve. Don’t hold it in or try to tuck it away, as though it never happened, for it will do more harm than good and will not go away. Instead, it will deepen and worsen, as it results in a destructive pattern in your life. There is a time for mourning, but there is also a time to release the pain.

3. Pray. Prayer changes things.
Never underestimate the power of prayer! The Lord has taken all the dark yesterdays of my life and is making them as though they never were. He is so awesome and will do for you what He has done for me. So, pray, pray and pray – don’t stop, until you have your answer.

4. Don’t blame yourself.
We all have battles, challenges and in many cases horrible situations you feel could have been prevented with the ifs. I blamed myself for the many actions of others and thought if I had have …. or …. they would not have done what was done. But in reality, they were the ones with the problem, and they were miserable in their own self. It took me a long time to realize it was not me – but them.

5. Make a adamant choice to die to the thing(s) that seek to control your emotions and life.
In other words, choose to let it go by not thinking on the thing(s) or situation(s). When you constantly think and meditate on the pain and/or negative situation, you will begin to feel heavy in heart, depressed and caught up in a cycle that will grow with intensity and not stop until it devours and destroys you, your life and everything around you.

6. Train yourself.
You must discipline yourself to become positive and do things you are not used to doing. You will have what you speak, so be careful of the things you allow yourself to think and speak. The battle begins within our minds – be diligent to guard it carefully so your mouth will not speak with negativity. Train your mouth to speak good and positive things, and if you alleviate the negative from your mind, you won’t speak the negative. We are what we think, and renewing our minds by washing out the negative will transform us with a positive impact on us and others in our lives. You will see the fruit of whatever you do speak, so wouldn’t it be better to have the positive, instead of the negative?

7. This is a good time to find a new hobby or niche.
Don’t be afraid to try something different and new to discover and unleash the new you.

8. Commit yourself to daily exercise and healthier eating to help your body cope with the stress of the situation(s).
Pilates is a good way to help give your entire body the oxygen with blood flow, as you feel relaxed. Adding weights will help, too.


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