Origins A Perfect World SPF 25 Moisturizer

This is a new product. In the past, none of the A Perfect World moisturizers had SPF. It should be used on top of the A Perfect World skin “guardian”, which is how they suggest. (These two, in combination, are supposed to create a protective bubble around your skin.)
The moisturizer is lovely, plain and simple. If your main problem with sunscreens is an aesthetic one, this formulation will surely solve your problem. It has a divinely silky, light texture, and an orange-bergamot smell. It sweeps easily onto the skin without leaving grease stripes or white clumps. It does not sting, and it leaves absolutely no white cast. In my experience, it does leave the skin quite shiny at first, and this only gets somewhat better with time; however, the final look is simply a “dewiness” that should be fine, if not desirable, for those with non-already-oily skin.

This would be decent protection for everyday. I would recommend it for those who can’t get on board with creamy, chalky ones and would prefer aromatherapy and a silky, invisible texture.

It is in an 1.7oz jar

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