To stipple or to swirl your foundation? MAC 187 duo fibre brush

I bought the 188 as well so I have both of them. It is great for blush and liquid foundation. I like the 188 more as it gets into small spaces… btw mine shedded but after a wash it was fine! Doesn’t smell either…  it’s a good brush, it’s not as dense as I thought but although its very very soft it’s good for liquid foundation. Also good with powder and blush.

This has plenty of control along with being soft, works great with mineral powder application.

Application of finishing powders/veil and blush will present a light airbrushed finish.

Also a good stippling brush.

Stippling or what you may know as pouncing/pushing a product onto the skin adds to better coverage and concealment without being too heavy.

This is one brush that needs to be in your primary application kit, once you have tried it you will be hooked.

Washing of all brushes are recommended prior to use to remove any excess dye and starch used during manufacturing for protection.

Update :  the Sonia Kashuk highlighting skunk brush doesnt shed at all when washing it, not even 1 piece of hair came out.

I also saw some good reviews about the Sephora #44 stippling brush and the ELF powder brush (US$3 ie SGD $4.50) or Shu 20 (pony).


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