Frequent urination a sign of ill

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Many of secret anguish that so urine markers of bladder problems

You KNOW, the frequency of urination in fact also determines the level of your bladder health? More difficult yet, the desire to urinate or call is not just a small problem but also a sign you are likely to suffer the symptoms known or overactive bladder Overactive bladder (OAB).

What is regrettable, the majority of people with health problems are more willing to suffer in silence than to share with close friends, family or health professional. Their reason – shame, or think it is part of the impact or the increase in age. Difficult to control urination problems (incontinent) or inkontinens also affect our daily lives. Many misunderstandings about this issue when consider OAB a prevalent when it was actually treated. Action to let the problem persist but may invite consequences because it affects the lives of men and women of all ages.

Wrong if you have thought this problem only faced them at old age for girls is no exception. The study conducted on women in 11 countries in Asia that 53.1 percent of individuals aged between 29 and 59 are chained problem.

What causes this OAB? It is because of the overactive bladder causing the patient to the toilet frequently. The most important signs of OAB are feeling desperate for urination, frequency, and should be followed up for up to two times or more during the day or night to urinate.

OAB, however, also exist in individuals with normal central nervous system. As examples of urinary tract infections, kidney stones or bladder tumors can cause excessive activity in the muscles ‘detrusor’ leading symptoms of OAB. Anyway, the real cause of the cause OAB still uncertain.
Urologist and president of the Foundation Kontinens Malaysia (CFM), Dr Peter Ng, explaining OAB can be seen on the three main characteristics of frequency, urgency / call and wake up the night (FUN Nocturia frequency and urgency).

“Frequency means OAB patients visiting the toilet repeatedly while desperate / call to explain the feeling of desperation and difficult urination to be delayed. Build refers to the act of the night often wake up at night to urinate. Among all these signs, the frequency of the symptoms of the most important in evaluating OAB.

“This is not only difficult but also merimaskan patients. Imagine they had to go to the toilet so often. Even the uneasiness is often hit when they had to do important tasks like meetings when they kept going to the toilet.

“In addition, sleep and rest the patient and his partner also disturbed and often woke at night to pass urine,” he said after the launch of a tablet for the relief of OAB product GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) called Vesicare (Solifenacin succinate), recently.

He said the problem resulted in people with OAB have to think small toilet near where the targeted location.

“As a result, they feel depressed, self-exclude and limit the activities that result in well-being and quality of life affected,” he said.

Said Dr Peter again, people who suffer from OAB are reluctant to seek treatment despite the long drive is interrupted due to the toilet. Some are embarrassed to discuss openly, while many people think it is part of the aging process and not in need of medical attention.

“OAB is a disease that is validated and can be treated with medical assistance. In fact, practice the correct exercises such as Kegel exercises to train the pelvic muscles; train vaginal muscles; other pelvic floor electrical stimulation therapy to train the habit of urinating more systematically can help, “he said.

Type of medicine used to relieve health problems is Oxybutinin (Ditropan), Tolterodine, Darifenacin and is the latest in a group or Vesicare Solifenacin.

Fact: The risk factors OAB

  • Age of information (20 per cent of the population over age 70 may be reported signs OAB)
  • Stroke
  • spinal cord injury
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Prostate Enlargement
  • Prostate Surgery
  • Twin Pregnancy

INFO: Tips handle OAB

  • Take into account the amount of fluid intake and time of recruitment.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber or take fiber supplements.
  • Teach the bladder to delay some rushing to the toilet when the bladder feels like.
  • Some people are confronted with problems to empty the bladder fully. Therefore, wait several minutes after urinating to remove urine for the second time. This is to ensure that the bladder completely empty.
  • Schedule time for you to pass urine every day. For example, every two or three hours. It is better than going to the toilet only after you feel like urinating.
  • Do exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and muscles in respect of your urinary tract.
  • Wear underwear liners to prevent you isolated.
  • Maintain ideal body weight.

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