Rejuvicare 3D Contouring Mask

Active Ingredients:
30g of rich essence of youth – Hyaluronic Acid, Silk and Soybean Peptides, Placenta Extracts & Aloe Vera allow your skin to stay hydrated, smooth and revitalizes cells for a longer period of time.

Key Features:
1) The Perfect Fit – No Air Bubbles allows essence to penetrate fully
2) No fragrance, colorant & alcohol makes it suitable for all skin types.
3) High absorbability fabric is a new way to that spa like treatment within minutes
4) Easy to use, no washaways, put on a mask while you surf the net or watch tv!

Effectiveness: Maximum Moisturizing is attained as you feel your skin instantly hydrated. Placenta and peptides help give the Whitening and Soothing effect. The 3D anti gravity pulling effect firms up puffy face and Lifts double chins, helping to Contour your face over prolonged periods of use.

How to Use: After your daily skin care procedure, cleanse face thoroughly. Place mask on face and press gently to achieve perfect fit, leaving no air bubbles. Affix both ear hooks and chin hooks to both ears for lifting purposes. Relax with mask on for 15min. Unveil mask and lightly massage to allow penetration of remaining essence. Use 2-3 masks a week to see the difference in a month

SGD$25.90 / 5pcs


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    this shop is selling this mask too.


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