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SG freebee

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korean and japanese have quite different etymological roots

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Korean belongs to the altaic family which includes manchu, mongolian, tungus and turkic…

while japanese has indo-chinese-polynesian-austronesian roots…

this is closely related to their genetic history as well, the koreans who trace their roots to mongolia

while the japanese show a genetic affinity with a varied series of markers from polynesia, austronesia (australian abos and papua new guineans) and southern china

Aunt Agony time

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I remember someone used to ask me a relationship question, this is the answer :

To me the real definition of busy is “You’re not important!”
People always use this reason/word to reject extra work/going out with people I don’t really bother…
You get the idea?

in chinese, 忙(busy) is made up of a 心 (heart) and 亡 (death). so put that together it means the heart is dead, thats why busy.

What makes one busy?

1) Cause you have something important to do.
2) Cause you need to sleep.
3) Cause you need to take care of personal hygiene.

If one is too busy to meet someone due to the above reason, then that someone is not important at all.

It is possible to move on.. Its only a matter of how strong your will power is. You just have to stop deluding yourself and move on. Thing is some part of you now don’t want to let go, yet. Once you have decided to really (and I mean REALLY) let go and mean it, only then can the process of healing take place.

No matter if he is interested in the other gal or not, bottomline is. After 2 years, he is not into you. So whether he likes the gal or not do not matter. He has no interest in you.

If it takes 2 years to pass and still a guy has no feelings for someone, means he is not interested.

i guess it’s tough to move on..”let nature take its course” really means – “i’m not interested but i don’t want to hurt your feelings ‘cos we might be frens”.

holding a torch for someone is like this – it is you holding the torch hoping that someday he’ll find his way to you. being a torchbearer is tiring because it is a one-man operation (OMO).

you should have moved on 2 years ago.
it is not a question of whether he’s “lying”, it is a question of whether you want to continue to believe your own “lies”.


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Flickr默认提供photos单张浏览,按上传时间倒序排列,最先看到后上传的。首页提供layout个性化定制,组织形式上现在是photostream, collections, sets的三层结构,并可以根据如下列表观察到整个由简入繁的发展里程:
Flikcr > Your Photos > Sets > Photo
Flikcr > Your Photos > Collections > Sets > Photo (付费用户增加collections功能后)
Flikcr > Your Photostream > Collections > Sets > Photo (增加video支持后)
Picasa > My Photos > Albums > Photo
Flickr即使花费大量时间组织collections, sets后,我还是更愿意用搜索功能。其上传过程也一直在尝试良好交互促进用户保证每张照片的tag, title, description信息量,通过对数据挖掘的关键性引导,大大提高了管理有效性,其实就是系统内的SEO理论应用。
Flickr提供有Square, Thumbnail, Small, Medium, Large, Original六种大小规格形式,除Square是固定75*75规格,Original是原图,其他都是等比缩放。
其中farm4是服务器集群,曾经被GFW掉的是farm1, farm2两个IP,新增的farm3, farm4国内都能正常访问。另外,Flickr各尺寸规格由特定参数控制,唯一特殊的原图命名经过再次加密,因为曾出现过参数规律泄漏原图地址,然后被用户投诉的状况。
Picasa提供的全部是等比缩放,依宽度分144px, 288px, 400px, 800px四种规格,并且根据此宽度标准判断是否压缩图片质量。比如预设为800px的情况,当实际等于或大于800px时,质量400k大小的图片,会被压缩到一百多K甚至更少;如果实际小于800px则显示原图。

Movie review : Adele

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In Adele, she arrived at her apartment, opened the door, put away her overcoat, and gulped down a whole mouthful of alcohol, which was nicely decnted into a nice glass jar. I like this scene, it seemed like the liquid had an effect in calming the senses.

Kylie Minogue’s beauty secret

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Kylie Minogue reveals her big secret to look younger, It is just Pond’s Cold Cream, yeap you read right! It’s not a face lift or plastic surgery. She uses Pond’s every night and says this cream has changed her skin improving her look.
But it seems like the Pond’s cream is not the only ‘beauty secret’ of the 41 year-old singer Kylie Minogue. She looks fantastic and her body is really toned and slim but guess what? She also reveals she doesn’t work out. The singer says her toned ‘behind’ is thanks to body make-up.

I prefer Hazeline snow, smells heavenly!!!! Pond’s has a less pleasant smell

Shu Qi has no marriage plans

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Some women bravely move forward for love, knowing each other for only 20 days before getting engaged like, Barbie Hsu (Da S). While some women whom have been hurt deeply by love, which resulted in depression no longer hold any expectations for marriage like, Shu Qi.

Shu Qi appeared on the cover of ELLE Magazine recently and during the interview revealed how deeply she was hurt by her former flame, Leon Lai. She had dated Leon Lai for 6 years and yet he refused to acknowledged their relationship. And if they bumped into reporters during their dates, Leon Lai would quickly leave without a word, leaving her to fend for herself.

This combined with the fact that the fans and Leon Lai’s father do not support their relationship led to Shu Qi’s emotional decline over the years which ultimately led to depression. She used a year quietly healing her wounds by learning Psychology for self-treatment. Right now, although she is more open minded towards her views on relationships, she bluntly said she does not harbour any expectations for marriage because she self professed to have no sense of responsibility.

When asked on her thoughts regarding the romance that blossomed between Leon Lai and model Gaile Lok, who is currently his wife, Shu Qi replied “When you love someone, you won’t think too much about it; when you don’t love anymore, then just separate. When your fate is over, it’s over, we should not compare who loved more or less, we must all take responsibility for our actions.”