Aunt Agony time

I remember someone used to ask me a relationship question, this is the answer :

To me the real definition of busy is “You’re not important!”
People always use this reason/word to reject extra work/going out with people I don’t really bother…
You get the idea?

in chinese, 忙(busy) is made up of a 心 (heart) and 亡 (death). so put that together it means the heart is dead, thats why busy.

What makes one busy?

1) Cause you have something important to do.
2) Cause you need to sleep.
3) Cause you need to take care of personal hygiene.

If one is too busy to meet someone due to the above reason, then that someone is not important at all.

It is possible to move on.. Its only a matter of how strong your will power is. You just have to stop deluding yourself and move on. Thing is some part of you now don’t want to let go, yet. Once you have decided to really (and I mean REALLY) let go and mean it, only then can the process of healing take place.

No matter if he is interested in the other gal or not, bottomline is. After 2 years, he is not into you. So whether he likes the gal or not do not matter. He has no interest in you.

If it takes 2 years to pass and still a guy has no feelings for someone, means he is not interested.

i guess it’s tough to move on..”let nature take its course” really means – “i’m not interested but i don’t want to hurt your feelings ‘cos we might be frens”.

holding a torch for someone is like this – it is you holding the torch hoping that someday he’ll find his way to you. being a torchbearer is tiring because it is a one-man operation (OMO).

you should have moved on 2 years ago.
it is not a question of whether he’s “lying”, it is a question of whether you want to continue to believe your own “lies”.


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