The secret to retirement fund

It is actually not a secret… it is just for sharing and if you can live with it and follow it, you will have a secured retirement fund.

This is not to make you a millionaire instantly tomorrow, that you go exchange some Sing dollar to other currencies…

This tip is especially useful to people who just start out in your work life.
Work and don’t spend on any wants. Keep your expenditure to below 30% of your pay (take home pay would even be better).

Save all the money and take it that you don’t have the money. Wait patiently…
Wait for market to collapse, stock or property market. It was said that everyone will have max of 4 chances in life to make from property cycle.

Move in to buy when everyone shy away from it. Buy property and make sure your pay and cpf can afford to pay for the installments and wait out period before you can get decent rentals… Once the market gets back into stable environment, the property and the rental will cover itself…

You continue to work and forget that you have an asset of passive income. All the surplus from the rental>installment goes to the piggy bank. Continue to save 60% of your income…

You can choose to sell the property or you can just let it be. Repeat this for another 3 cycle.

Comes the last cycle, you would have gathered more than enough wealth for your retirement. You can choose to sell all or just leave them there for your passive retirement expenses…


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