ST: Sentosa Cove drowning an accidental death

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Sentosa Cove drowning an accidental death

Khushwant Singh

Mr Chou, 39, had met Ms Li in 2009 in the KTV lounge along Havelock Road. The chief executive officer of the real estate investment company RoundHill Capital, said he knew her only as Wawa.

He had brought her home on two or three occasions and she had been intimate with him in return for $800, which was also for the entertainment she provided in the lounge.

At 7am, Mr Chua’s maid Aye Aye Tun, 26, a Myanmar national, was tidying up the study, which was overlooking the pool, when she saw the naked body floating facedown.

The body of Li Hong Yan, 24, a Chinese national, was found in the pool of a bungalow at Sentosa Cove. — PHOTO: WANBAO

AT THE inquiry on Tuesday, State Coroner Victor Yeo returned a finding of misadventure on the death of Chinese national who drowned in the pool of a bungalow at Sentosa Cove on March 24 this year.

Ms Li Hong Yan, 24, died after an evening of drinking and singing at the Las Vegas KTV lounge with the house owner, Mr Adrian Chua Boon Chye. A toxicology test showed her blood contained 125mg/100ml of ethanol. The legal limit for drink-driving is 70mg.

The court heard that Ms Li, a Chinese national, went downstairs to the pool deck probably for a smoke as she had taken Mr Chua’s cigarettes and lighter.

Said Coroner Yeo: ‘At the pool deck, the deceased decided to enter the pool on her own, and had taken off her clothes so as not to wet them. She descended the stairs and probably did not know that the depth was 1.5m. The deceased was of petite built, only 1.54m tall, and very probably got into difficulties at the deep end.’

The coroner said that it was also possible she could have slipped while walking down the steps of the pool and sustained the 2cm by 1cm bruise on her left knee. But he ruled out foul play as there were no evidence or injuries that indicated she was attacked. Her colleagues and flatmates also said that she was cheerful and did not appear to have any problems.

She had previously held a day job as an assistant supervisor of an Indian restaurant but she had quit on March 4.



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