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Cyber Colors Eco BB Aqua Balm SPF30 PA++ 有機概念BB水凝修護粉餅霜SPF30 PA++

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HK$ 178 10.5g


Cyber Colors
Spf30 PA++ Eco Bb Aqua Balm

This product comes in 2 shades –

Cyber Colors ECO BB Aqua Balm SPF 30 PA++ moisturizes and brightens your skin with eco marrubium and deep sea minerals. The velvety, closely adhesive, fine and delicate balm is both a make-up and a skincare product. While hydrating and moisturizing the skin, it provides excellent concealing effect. By applying a thin layer you can conceal blemishes. It evens skin tone and leaves dull complexion brightened again.

Eco marrubium is an anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory ingredient. Precious deep sea minerals give concealing, anti-aging, whitening, and clarifying and detoxifying effects, and supplement nutrients.

(RRP: $29.90)

how to use it
1. Take an appropriate amount by using a puff to glide across balm.
2. Apply evenly onto skin.
3. Finish with your regular powder for more coverage.

粉饼是补妆的好帮手,尤其在容易溶妆的夏天,更是手袋内不可缺少的恩物。Eco BB Aqua Balm SPF30 PA++(HK$178/10.5g)是全新产品, 能有效抗氧化、抗皱及抗炎,并可作遮瑕修饰、防晒保护及美白用途;为肌肤补充营养,具净化及排毒功效


V Day

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The 2013 Miele Top 20. I wanna try ALL but $$$!
1 Robuchon au Dome, Macau, China (4)
2 Waku Ghin, Singapore (New entry)
3 L’Atelier HK, China (3)
4 Iggy’s, Singapore (1)
5 Mozaic, Bali, Indonesea (12)
6 Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul, Korea (8)
7 Caprice, Hong Kong, China (5)
8 Amber, Hong Kong, China (New Entry)
9 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Hong Kong, China (13)
10 Les Amis, Singapore (19)
11 Restaurant Andre, Singapore (2)
12 Tippling Club, Singapore (10)
13 Sarong, Bali, Indonesia (18)
14 Mr. & Mrs. Bund by Paul Pairet, Shanghai, China (7)
15 One Harbour Road, Hong Kong, China (New entry)
16 Dakshin, Chennai, India (16)
17 Antonio’s, Cavite, Philippines (11)
18 Nihonryori, RyuGin, Tokyo, Japan (New Entry)
19 Metis Restaurant and Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (New Entry)
20 Bukhara, New Delhi, India (20)

how to get to Marina Bay Sands?

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alight at promenade station and exit via Exit A. Once u come out of the station, u will see Helix bridge and juz walk to MBS via it. A good 10 min walk. OR Marina bay mrt then take a straight bus to there on 106 or 133

Directions to get tp Takumi Tokyo restaurant (Marina @ Keppel Bay)

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Directions to get tp Takumi Tokyo restaurant (Marina @ Keppel Bay)

If you are not going by car, the easiest way to go is to alight at the 2nd bus stop after vivo city, walk backwards and you will see the sign – To KEPPEL Bay. Just follow the road and walk all the way in, pass all the condo units, keep walking until u cross the bridge…. Walk to the white building and take the lift up.
Alternatively, take MRT to VivoVity and cab there

Only $10 registration fee for the whole tea party:)


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Brahmarshi Patriji is a great New Age Grand Master from INDIA. Since his enlightenment in the year 1979, he has been working ceaselessly to bring meditation to everyone by the year 2012. Thousands of people from all walks of life have been immensely benefited by his teachings and meditation sessions. They have discovered holistic way of living. They are now spreading meditation in all corners of the world to bring his vision into a reality. Under his guidance, hundreds of pyramids were constructed including the world’s largest Meditational Pyramid in Bangalore, India.

His talks are very exhorting and enlivening which leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Patriji is also a great flutist and singer, and has devised techniques combining music with meditation for very intense meditational experiences.

Patriji has been honored with “Life Time Achievement Award” on Science of Holistic Living and
its Global Application in 2006.


Meditation means ‘Silencing the mind’; it is about ’emptying the mind’ of all thoughts, wanted or unwanted..! It is being aware of the present and of oneself at every moment,moment to moment. The ancient practice of quieting and relaxing the ‘chattering’ mind is Meditation. Meditation is a state; not a process. It is state of being in touch with one’s own divinity.


A sound physical body depends primarily upon the existence of a sound mind. A sound mind means being happy, alwys. Mental health is the basis of physical health. And, Spiritual health is the basis of mental health. Where there is no mental health, there is no physical health. Where there is no spiritual intellect, there is no mentl health. Spiritual intellect is created only in intense meditation. When a person is into intense meditation, then alone he/she begins to experience SOUL consciousness.

Benefits of Meditation

■ Mind Always Stays in a Peaceful and Joyful State
■ Healing of All Diseases begins Immediate
■ Memory Power becomes Increased
■ Wasteful Habits Die a Natural Death
■ Relationships become More Qualitative & Fulfilling
■ All Work Gets Done with Greater Efficiency
■ Sleep-time Requirements get Reduced
■ Thought Power is Tremendously Increased
■ Ability to Discern Rights and Wrongs is Sharpened
■ Purpose of Life is Better Understood

How to Make Cheese and Ham Soufflé Spuds

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By CozyEats

Apart from being really inexpensive, Cheese and Ham Soufflé Spuds are also easy to make, and are extremely healthy. In just that one good-sized baked potato, there is one third of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. Heat the grill, and in the meantime prick 5 large baking potatoes with a fork, cover with a paper towel, and microwave for about 7 minutes, until soft. Cut a cross in the top of each potato and squeeze gently to open up. Mix together 750ml grated cheese, 6 slices of diced ham, 3 chopped spring onions, and 2 – 3 beaten egg yolks. Whip the egg whites to stiff peaks, and fold into the cheese mix. Top each potato with the mixture, and grill for about 3 – 4 minutes, until puffed and golden brown. They are now ready to serve, with a crisp green salad.

Hentai (変態 or へんたい)

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Hentai (変態 or へんたい)