Cyber Colors Eco BB Aqua Balm SPF30 PA++ 有機概念BB水凝修護粉餅霜SPF30 PA++

HK$ 178 10.5g


Cyber Colors
Spf30 PA++ Eco Bb Aqua Balm

This product comes in 2 shades –

Cyber Colors ECO BB Aqua Balm SPF 30 PA++ moisturizes and brightens your skin with eco marrubium and deep sea minerals. The velvety, closely adhesive, fine and delicate balm is both a make-up and a skincare product. While hydrating and moisturizing the skin, it provides excellent concealing effect. By applying a thin layer you can conceal blemishes. It evens skin tone and leaves dull complexion brightened again.

Eco marrubium is an anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory ingredient. Precious deep sea minerals give concealing, anti-aging, whitening, and clarifying and detoxifying effects, and supplement nutrients.

(RRP: $29.90)

how to use it
1. Take an appropriate amount by using a puff to glide across balm.
2. Apply evenly onto skin.
3. Finish with your regular powder for more coverage.

粉饼是补妆的好帮手,尤其在容易溶妆的夏天,更是手袋内不可缺少的恩物。Eco BB Aqua Balm SPF30 PA++(HK$178/10.5g)是全新产品, 能有效抗氧化、抗皱及抗炎,并可作遮瑕修饰、防晒保护及美白用途;为肌肤补充营养,具净化及排毒功效


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