Great Compassion Mantra

The best cure of all cures is still using sound frequency therapy. Once the Mantra sound is chanted and vibrated to resonance with the DNA in the Cells, cancer cells automatically die of . Great is indeed is the Mantra Sound of the Great Compassion Mantra . It is indeed the sound that heal…..And of course everyone today is talking about using sound Frequency for mind entrainment and for healing. That is why Mantra Chanting is a great way to cause healing vibrational frequency for resonance with DNA. This is what I call using the Mantra Sound to transmit the Vibrational Frequency into the DNA .

This is the what all biomechanics medical experts are talking about today.

May humanity be all blessed by the sound of the Great Compassion Mantra.

The Mind energy is all linked by the quantum matrix. The pasword to this quantum matrix is in the Heart Mantra. Those who never read the Heart sutra will never have a clue. Only the highly evolved spritually and gifted among us, already has the answer.

The 7 Chakras can also be powered up with good energy flow by using the Taoist Meditation Method. Once you are able to achieve the TONG, you will experience a good flow of ENERGY FLOWING along the Big Heavenly Cycle and the Small Heavenly Cycle. You can also be certain YOUR KUNDALINI is about to arise.

When I got my kundalini many years ago, it was like the SNAKE vibrating along your back spine upward to your Crown Chakra. The vibration last for a short while and Kundalini has arisen.

The best healing sounds are from the sound of the mantras. They are known by the following names:

The 7 Rules of Mantra Entrainment:

1 The Embedded Rule:

For one mantra to entrain your mind , there must in existence an existing mantra sound that is embedded in your body system dna make up. The body system must be able to recognise the sound frequency pattern the next time, the Mantra is chanted

2 The Resonance Rule:

For the incoming Mantra to entrain your mind, the incoming mantra must be chanted to the same frequency rate as the one that is embedded in the body dna.

3 The Power rule:
The incoming mantra that is chanted must have more power to activate the first mantra system so that its vibratory frequency become resonant with the one in the body system.

4 The Consistency Rule:

The chanting must be continued unabated at the same frequency and amplitude until the combined effect of Resonance and Periodicity powered up the 7 Chakras of the body energy field

5th Rule (Cannot be revealed here )

6th Rule

7th Rule
1 Unisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra

2 Complete Body Relics Precious Seal Dharani Sutra

3 Maha Karuna Dharani Sutra

You can goggle under their names


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