How to start own business?

startup cost as follows

Lowest: Hawker Centres (NEA operated not including Kopitiam Square)
-3-5k for a better location & 1-2k for no so good location
-less than $1k for plate collection
-less than $1k for utilities and gas depending on usage, metered bill.
-less than $1k for signage
-u need pay 1 month deposit and 1 month advance (also depend on stall owners, NEA or private)
-if u buy your own equipment, cost should be around less than $10k. If u takeover a stall with equipment, see how much u can bargain.
also if u buy 2nd equipment, u can bring down the cost by 50%
-NEA licence for stall $13, attend BHC $100,

Coffeshop startup will be higher than Hawker Centres mainly due to the rent component. Rent typically goes from 3-8k
-some big chain coffeeshop u have to pay for a lot of other nonsense too, renovation cost (substantial amount), advertising & promotion cost, offered discount to customer at your own expense like the kopitiam card, penalties for non conformance- i.e they fine you if your staff break their rules like not wearing apron or whatnot.
-$1k-$2k for plate collection
-$1k-$2k for utilities and gas
-$1k-$2k for signage
-the advance and deposit also depends on coffeeshop owner, usually the big chain coffeeshop like Kopitiam will require more.
-the rest is same as hawker centres
-also some big chain will require u sign 6 month or 1 -2 year contract. Watch out for the contract, if u find no good business and want out, they will want you to pay them the remaining lease not used.
-also some big chain will required u to let them take your takings daily, and only return back your money the next month, after deducting all your rent, plate collection, penalties….be careful as their accounting can be screwed up and u lugi, also this way, your cash flow becomes very tight, it is only suitable for those stall chain operator like Chang Cheng Mixed Rice, Qiulian Ban Mian, Pontian Wantan, because they dun hv to worry about their staff stealing, as the coffeeshop operator will watch out for you.

Foodcourts startup cost can be same or usually higher than coffeeshop. The rental for example in Compasspoint Kopitiam is more than $10k if include renovation cost and all the other costs. Foodcourt are usually run by the big chain, most of the rules mentioned in chain operated coffeeshop, they will have. Also their rule will be more strict.
-Rents typically can goes from 5k to more than 10k….
-They may also ask for more deposit

typically such small shop goes for abt $10k rental. The owner of the shop need to get the relevant authorities approval. Such approval was easy in the past, but lately is harder. u rent from those with the approval.

Such shop is easier because u can apply for foreign workers with a foodshop licence. But the main thing is once gain location….

as for wages, depends on what job classification. part timer not cook is abt $5/hr.


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