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My Humble House

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In Esplanade My Humble House, the bowl and plate are gigantic, and the food very little. That is why you are able to complete everything in a 9 course meal etc. If you go at nights, don’t sit near the extreme left end as there are some flashing lights there from outside which are very distracting.


Her World Singapore May 2011

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New products launched and advertised in may issue Her World.

Cosme Decorte AQMW (short for Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder) does more than return radiance to your skin. Using sandalwood which has been used since ancient times to alleviate mental & physical stress. AQMW reduces damage inflicted upon skin cells & boosts your body’s natural healing capacity with it’s relaxing scent.

The anti aging range also uses mucin- your body’s own natural lubricant – to create a moist environment that protects skin from dryness. Using a delivery system called mucinsome, the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to help it heal.

The range include

– cleansing milk 15ml @ $88 – a gentle yet fast acting cleanser that get rids of makeup, impurities, dead skin cell & even dark spots for clear complexion.

-facial bar 100g @ $ 73 (refill $69) – love a good lather? Works up a luxurious foam & helps protect skin against dryness

– repair elmusion 200ml @ $153 – preps skim for better moisture adsorption, smooths complexion & prevent aging signs

– repair lotion 200ml @ $153 – has mucinsome concentrate to boost skin’s resilience against fine lines dullness & dryness.

– essential balm 22g @ $158 – organic oils & vitamins E locking moisture & leave skin dewy fresh. Use it as the last step in your beauty routine @ night

– massage cream 93g – like a luxurious spa treat, it alleviates fatigue, stimulates blood circulation and removes excess sebum.

– facial mask duo 6 sheets @ $153 – comes in 2 sheets formulated with different ingredients to deliver anti-aging benefits more effectively.

– repair serum 40ml @ $183 – envelopes skin in a comforting veil of moisture, plumping & lifting skin from within

– cream excellent 50g @ $420 – active ingredients like double peptides & alginic acid stimulates collagen production & promote cell growth.

AQMW new spokesperson Eunice Olsen has picked her favorite item which is the facial wash. She loves the thick lather and it’s soothing scent.


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distance fare corrections

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COMMUTERS affected by distance fare corrections between July 3 and Nov 23 (2010) will have until Jun 17 to collect their refunds, Transitlink said in a reminder issued on Monday.
Public bus operators SBS Transit and SMRT had overcharged commuters by about $300,000. Of this, $129,584 in refunds have been claimed since the start of the refund exercise on Dec 18 last year.
Unclaimed monies at the end of the refund period will be donated to the Public Transport Fund, which helps needy families with some of their transport costs.
Commuters who wish to check if they are eligible for a refund can do so by keying in their 16-digit transit Cepas card number at
An automated voice response system by calling the TransitLink Hotline at 1800 2255 663 is also available.
Commuters who prefer to check in person can do so at any AVM or Ticket Office, where they can get a full refund on the spot if eligible.

To your health

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Any fruits n vege are good for health. Fruits n vege are mother nature products to cure all diseases. Lady finger has alot of “gel'” which is good to reduce sugar in the blood. Choose the soft type, that is the young one. Cut two or three stalks into samll pieces n put them in a small container or a jug. Add in hot water and wait for about an hour then pour out the water plus the gel n drink. Can always refill drink many time. It is NOT a medicine but a very safe way to reduce blood sugar, good for diabete. NO SIDE EFFECT.

HDB flat

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HDB new 4 room flat price may increase and hit all time high 3 times =300% base on 8 years ago price in 2002, u compare the price,currently is about 200% increase

Cost of living

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High food cost
High transport cost – so crowded being squeezed at peak hours, if you drive then heavy congestion or jams.
High tertiary education cost – cuts into your meagre savings and worse of all make your children graduate with debts to pay even before finding a job.
High medical bills – its in mind of every elderly : can die but cannot be sick.
Utility bills – yes the high oil price will take the blame. easily two thrids of what you pay at the kiosk goes into taxes, which explains why some country can have cheap petrol price.
We are being stretch to the limit, our family time with our children and spouse greatly reduced, Your wife has been asked to come out to work and then be eligible to those levy and tax rebates, your physical and mental health and reserve has also been stretch to the max.
go back to 90s.. whereby u need a 20% downpayment for cars.. tell me.. a middle income person will not buy a car.. now every ah pig ah dog also can own a car becoz they can even get cash back by driving!.. thats insanity.

same goes to housing although there are recent cooling measures but from the start these pple r kinda “cash rich” becoz they made money from stocks and they can afford to throw money into downpayments.