open a saving or deposit account in malaysia

good idea to convert S$ to ringgit and enjoy 3% interest? Maybe I shd do it instead of leaving in sin bank, now UOB offers 0.8%

with exchange rate at $2.45 now, 3 month FD at 3% for RM…..definitely a good risk/return deposit for now…. check out the RHB website…tenure 1 month 3.05%

FD & saving account with RHB bank in CitySq, interest rate for FD – more than 3.5%, saving – no int under certain amount

very easy to open, no restrictions at all.
choose their big three bank – malayan, public, cimb for saving acct or trading acct. just follow their rules shld b ok. trading acct u need to b aware that they hv CDS similar to singapore CDP acct but theirs is not centralised so each bank u open for trading will hv separate CDS acct. shares cannot transfer between them like in sg. also i heard you can’t trade the bank share where your trading acct is i.e. if u open malayan bank trading acct, you can’t buy malayan bank share bcos of their regulation against insider trading or something like that.


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