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Have you won an ipad recently?

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Below is the fine print on the “lucky draw” form I came across. These fine prints are very very small, so many people would not read them in detail.

This is a NON-subscription SMS quiz service. Each question sent to you is charged at SGD3.00. Sending KEYWORD [e.g. IPAD/WIN…) will initiate the 1st question charged at SGD3.00. Upon answering one question, you will receive the next question chargeable until you stop answering. There is no limit to the number of questions you can answer. Standard Operator SMS/MMS/WAP/GPRS/UMTS charges apply. For Help call 66319331 (local rate) during office hours Monday-Friday, visit our website or e-mail Participate in this quiz on your mobile for an opportunity to win your chosen jackpot prize. All players are eligible for the weekly, monthly and jackpot prize. The winner of the weekly prize (iPad2) is the participant with the most points registered in our system at the end of the Registration Week – Sunday at 23:59:59 local SG time until the promotion period ends – 31st December 2011 at 23:59 hrs. The monthly prize is drawn on the last day of the month and Jackpot prizes on 31st December 2011. By participating in this quiz you acknowledge that you are a resident of Singapore, 18 years or older, have read and is bound by the General Terms & Conditions and you are the authorized mobile phone bill payer and/or have the consent of the mobile phone bill payer to participate in this service by Teracomm Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. You agree to receive marketing messages in relation to this or similar services by Teracomm. These marketing messages are free of charge. To opt out of marketing messages send UNMARK. Technical Service Provider: Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd. Teracomm is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or retailers. Trademarks, service marks, logos (including, without limitation, the individual names of products and retailers) are the property of their respective owners.


Road closures for Formula One race

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With the Formula One Grand Prix returning to Singapore this week, a series of roads will be closed to traffic around the Marina Centre area from 21 to 27 September 2011 to facilitate the setting up and dismantling of the race infrastructure.

Hence, it is better to avoid taking bus or driving .

Please take MRT trains to go to Promenade MR station (CC4 in Circle Line). The venue is 3 minutes walk .


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STOMPer Clarence was at home at Anchorvale Link in Sengkang when he noticed a strong foul smell in the sky, like that of kerosene. Several other STOMPers also alerted STOMP to the smell, with one of them mentioning that the sky also looked hazy.

STOMP Clarence wrote in his email:

“There is a strong kerosene smell in the air at Seng Kang Anchorvale Link.

“It was very uncomfortable and it is making me choke. I am staying at Blk 318B Anchorvale Link.

“I called up NEA and they informed me that they would check on it and that they had received calls about it.”

STOMPer Smurfy, who sent in the photo, said:

“There is a thick haze and a chemical smell in the air in Sengkang.

“Even when I’m indoors with all the windows closed, I can still smell it and it’s making me real sick.

Another STOMPer staying at Block 203 Compassvale Road, Belz, wrote:

“A very strong smelly smell in Sengkang! I wonder what’s going on.”

STOMPer Clarence thinks that this might be the source of the chemical smell reported by many residents in the Sengkang area previously.

Many residents in the north-eastern part of Singapore reported a strong kerosene-like smell in the air on last year .

However, STOMP understands that this may just be “flaring”, performed at refineries to burn off excess gas, so that pressure does not build up in the equipment.

The smoke emitted is composed of mainly water and carbon dioxide. In Singapore, all flaring is subject to regulatory limits.

The STOMPer expressed his concerns:

“I am a resident at Blk 318B Anchorvale Link.

“I can see the refineries at Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, burning from my block since afternoon.

“It is causing some smell in the air and a humming sound in the area.

“We can smell weird odours almost everyday.

“This could be the cause of the smell reported earlier in the media.”


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PRC woman forces marriage on sec 3 boy

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A Chinese national woman had reportedly forced her boyfriend, a local secondary three boy to marry her.

The woman is 26, holds a student pass and is in Singapore to study, while the sec three boy comes from a comfortable background and is an introvert.

The two were introduced to each other at a friend’s birthday party and had exchanged phone numbers. Because she sported youthful looks and a babyface, the boy did not suspect that she was in fact 11 years older than him.

Soon after their first meeting, the woman courted the boy aggressively with messages and online chats. The two soon progressed to become a couple.

Three to four months later, the woman initiated sex with the boy. After the two became intimate, she began to pressure him to marry her.

The boy did not know what to do and in the end asked his parents for help.

This case was cited by a counsellor as an example of another tactic used by Chinese national women to snag Singaporean husbands. Besides matchmaking and introductions through friends and relatives, some Chinese national women use student passes to look for husbands in Singapore.

These women, sometimes girls as young as 17, may get pregnant with a Singaporean boyfriend and insist on marriage.

According to the counsellor, some of these women marry to acquire Singaporean citizenship, then use it as a stepping board to go to US or Australia.

想嫁狮城郎 26岁中国女郎诱少年上床逼婚







Protected: Punggol

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Case Study – Mdm Tan, Victim Of A Lucky Draw Scam

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Case Study – Mdm Tan, Victim Of A Lucky Draw Scam

Mdm Tan (not her real name) is a 55 year-old Singaporean and works as a Manager.

Sometime in November 2009, Mdm Tan received a telephone call from a female caller over her mobile phone. The caller claimed to be representing an investment company based in Hong Kong. The caller addresssed Mdm Tan by her name and invited her to attend a road show which the caller claimed would be organised by the company in Singapore a few days later. Mdm Tan replied that she would not be able to attend the road show.

A few days later, Mdm Tan received a call from another female caller from the same company. This caller informed Mdm Tan that during the road show, a lucky draw was conducted, during which, Mdm Tan’s name had been selected as the winner to the third prize, which is a cash sum of S$30,000. Initially, Mdm Tan did not believe the news. However, when the caller continued to contact her diligently over the following few days, Mdm Tan was eventually convinced that she had indeed won the lucky draw prize. (To give more credence to the scam, the perpertrator may, as in another case, provide the victim with the contact details of a co-accomplice who would pretend to be the winner of a previous lucky draw conducted by the company to convince the victim.)

Different callers contacted Mdm Tan and they induced her to remit monies to different recipients in China for various reasons, such as administrative, lawyer fees and taxation, so that the prize money could be released to her. The callers further deceived Mdm Tan into believing that her lucky draw prize of S$30,000 had been used to invest in horse racing and that the money had snowballed to a sum of S$300,000. Over a period of 4 months, between 24 November 2009 and 24 February 2010, Mdm Tan was lured into making remittances to various beneficiaries in China. On each occasion, she remitted a sum ranging between S$1,300 and S$5,000. Her total losses amounted to S$98,733.

In this case, the callers had convinced Mdm Tan to give a false reason for the remittance should she be asked by the remittance company. She was asked to claim that the remittances were payments to beneficiaries whom she personally knew.

After sending all the moneys, Mdm Tan had still not received her winnings. Instead, the callers continued to hound her for more money. In March 2010, Mdm Tan began to suspect that she has been cheated. She then lodged a Police report. By then, she had lost her life savings, and was in debt.

Mdm Tan is a victim of the infamous lucky draw scam. If you receive such calls, do not reveal your personal information over the phone. You should also never send money to unknown callers. Please alert the Police immediately.