Case Study – Mdm Tan, Victim Of A Lucky Draw Scam

Case Study – Mdm Tan, Victim Of A Lucky Draw Scam

Mdm Tan (not her real name) is a 55 year-old Singaporean and works as a Manager.

Sometime in November 2009, Mdm Tan received a telephone call from a female caller over her mobile phone. The caller claimed to be representing an investment company based in Hong Kong. The caller addresssed Mdm Tan by her name and invited her to attend a road show which the caller claimed would be organised by the company in Singapore a few days later. Mdm Tan replied that she would not be able to attend the road show.

A few days later, Mdm Tan received a call from another female caller from the same company. This caller informed Mdm Tan that during the road show, a lucky draw was conducted, during which, Mdm Tan’s name had been selected as the winner to the third prize, which is a cash sum of S$30,000. Initially, Mdm Tan did not believe the news. However, when the caller continued to contact her diligently over the following few days, Mdm Tan was eventually convinced that she had indeed won the lucky draw prize. (To give more credence to the scam, the perpertrator may, as in another case, provide the victim with the contact details of a co-accomplice who would pretend to be the winner of a previous lucky draw conducted by the company to convince the victim.)

Different callers contacted Mdm Tan and they induced her to remit monies to different recipients in China for various reasons, such as administrative, lawyer fees and taxation, so that the prize money could be released to her. The callers further deceived Mdm Tan into believing that her lucky draw prize of S$30,000 had been used to invest in horse racing and that the money had snowballed to a sum of S$300,000. Over a period of 4 months, between 24 November 2009 and 24 February 2010, Mdm Tan was lured into making remittances to various beneficiaries in China. On each occasion, she remitted a sum ranging between S$1,300 and S$5,000. Her total losses amounted to S$98,733.

In this case, the callers had convinced Mdm Tan to give a false reason for the remittance should she be asked by the remittance company. She was asked to claim that the remittances were payments to beneficiaries whom she personally knew.

After sending all the moneys, Mdm Tan had still not received her winnings. Instead, the callers continued to hound her for more money. In March 2010, Mdm Tan began to suspect that she has been cheated. She then lodged a Police report. By then, she had lost her life savings, and was in debt.

Mdm Tan is a victim of the infamous lucky draw scam. If you receive such calls, do not reveal your personal information over the phone. You should also never send money to unknown callers. Please alert the Police immediately.


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