PRC woman forces marriage on sec 3 boy

A Chinese national woman had reportedly forced her boyfriend, a local secondary three boy to marry her.

The woman is 26, holds a student pass and is in Singapore to study, while the sec three boy comes from a comfortable background and is an introvert.

The two were introduced to each other at a friend’s birthday party and had exchanged phone numbers. Because she sported youthful looks and a babyface, the boy did not suspect that she was in fact 11 years older than him.

Soon after their first meeting, the woman courted the boy aggressively with messages and online chats. The two soon progressed to become a couple.

Three to four months later, the woman initiated sex with the boy. After the two became intimate, she began to pressure him to marry her.

The boy did not know what to do and in the end asked his parents for help.

This case was cited by a counsellor as an example of another tactic used by Chinese national women to snag Singaporean husbands. Besides matchmaking and introductions through friends and relatives, some Chinese national women use student passes to look for husbands in Singapore.

These women, sometimes girls as young as 17, may get pregnant with a Singaporean boyfriend and insist on marriage.

According to the counsellor, some of these women marry to acquire Singaporean citizenship, then use it as a stepping board to go to US or Australia.

想嫁狮城郎 26岁中国女郎诱少年上床逼婚








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