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Sim Lim Square case

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A woman says she was cheated when she tried to buy a mobile phone at Sim Lim Square.

On 9 November, Mdm Kun Tong (age 60s), a Thai Chinese tourist, went to an electronics shop in Sim Lim Square to look at the iPhone 4S mobile phone.

She described what happened, “The shop assistant demonstrated the functions of the iPhone 4S to me. I was happy with it and asked him the price. He quoted $1,490 but I felt it was too expensive and quoted him $1,200 instead.”

After the shop assistant accepted the price, Mdm Kun Tong handed the man her passport to help her process the Goods and Services Tax (GST) exemption for the purchase.

While waiting, her husband suggested that she check her purchase. It was then that she found she was given a Samsung phone instead of the iPhone 4S.

Mdm Kun Tong immediately asked for a refund but the shop assistant refused and instead challenged her to bring him to court.

She called the police immediately, but police officers could do nothing to help her.

The shop assistant had apparently copied her details onto a receipt for a Samsung phone and insisted that she was purchasing the Samsung phone for $1,200.

Mdm Kun Tong shops in Singapore several times a year and often visits electronics shops in Sim Lim Square and Pearl’s Centre in Chinatown.

She is outraged at the shop’s claim and has made a complaint to the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE).

With the help of CASE, the shop eventually agreed to give her a refund, but insists on charging her $120 for a Goods and Service Tax (GST) processing fee.

Mdm Kun Tong refuses to pay the fee.

“The transaction did not go through, why should I pay a processing fee to them?” she asked, “They are trying to cheat me!”

She will also be writing to the Singapore Tourism Board and the Thai Embassy about the shop’s unethical practices.

Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 23 November 2011. Click here for the Chinese report.



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Do not be a trading statistic! Read on ….

Fact is, in life, in every facet of life, we are either an example or a warning. Trading is no acceptation. 95% of uneducated traders actually fail to make money consistently over a long period. This implies that 5% of traders take money off the market almost every trading week and do so with a big smile on their faces. They fail as they do not appreciate the three rules that I want to share with you. Being a trading statistic, the 95% statistic, must not be a great deal of fun and the funny thing is that iit is not difficult to avoid.

Here are 3 of the Golden rules that I have found may make a huge difference to your trading success:

1. Copy a Mentor. Many people start off with a bang but end up exhausted when they realize that being a trader is not a free ride on a gravy train. In order to be successful, you must first define what success means to you. When you know what ‘your success’ is, in terms of percentage return per day, or cash earned per week, then you will be in a position to find a person that has already done what you are trying to. You may agree with me, it seems easier to model another person that is already successful, than it is to go it alone with no example to follow. It is far easier to find and mentor and get ask them what they did to succeed, ask them to take you through every step in their process so you can literally copy it. If you just aimlessly drift from one day to the next with no ”roadmap or guidance” of where you need to be going, it is all too easy to falter, slow down and eventually just give up.

2. Stay with your Plan. One of the most critical steps to becoming a great trader is to have a very detailed plan. With a detailed plan in place, you know exactly what to do and when to do it.
Without a plan, it is very easy to someone like a boss or supervisor breathing down our necks, it’s easy to put things off instead of doing what needs doing when it needs to be done. Make yourself a list of tasks that you need to accomplish every week. Break those tasks down to a daily list if that helps you stay on track. Check each job off the list as you complete it. Keep this list visible and prominently displayed so that you can see it at all times while you are in your home office. As the check marks denoting completed tasks start adding up, the psychological lift you get from knowing you are getting somewhere is often enough to stave off procrastination.

3. Ignore Distractions. This is probably the number one killer of all HBB’s! We all have distractions, so acknowledge they are there, get rid of the ones that pop up constantly (Face book, TV, Twitter, email… etc) and get on with the job of being a great HBB. All of the things that make working from home so nice can also be a death trap for unwary entrepreneurs. Instead, identify your number one daily goal and then divide your day up into segments that compliment your lifestyle and allow you to achieve your goal.

In the trading world, for example, you may choose to trade for 2 hours, from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. each day…. or 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., whichever suits you. Your target may be 400 Euros profit each day. Once your money is made, you have completed your number one daily goal, and then you are free to get on with the lower priority goals, including some of those excellent distractions like Face Book. Find out what works for you, write it down, then repeat it every day until it is a habit!

shoe dispensing machine at Clarke Quay near TCC

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shoe dispensing machine at Clarke Quay near TCC

It’s ladies’ night, and there’s a crazy party tonight. You are halfway to the club when your heels – your last club-worthy pair – breaks. All the shops are closed and your best friends are waiting for you.

以慈悲心守候一生——专访朱时生律师谈律师生涯 — 【人物专访】

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本刊法律顾问朱时生律师在他去年出版的《朱时生回忆录 Life Story of Choo Si Sen 》中英对照一书上提到, 13年前圆寂的新加坡菩提阁前住持松年长老对他说过的一句话,启发了他的一生。那句话就是:“政治本身并不肮脏,肮脏的是那些政治家以自己的地位谋取私利而忽略他们的社会职责的行径”。是的,这个对于律师行业的操守、法律上的责任,公正平等的处理更显得非常重要。朱时生律师在法律职场领域里,走过漫长的40年的光景,同时也奠定他一生投入社会服务的决心。

艰苦岁月里 培养意志力




惜福惜缘 有勇无惧



扬善止恶 回馈社会




深信因果 坚守理念






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List Of Outlets for the member events

01. Ang Mo Kio Hub
02. Bugis Junction
03. Causeway Point
04. Clementi Mall
05. Compass Point
06. East Point
07. IMM
08. ION
09. Jurong-Point
10. NEX
11. North Point
12. Parkway Parade
13. Raffles City
14. Suntec City
15. Takashimaya Shopping Centre
16. Tampiness Mall
17. Tiong Bahru Plaza
18. Toa Payoh HDB hub (Blk 190)
19. Vivo City


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赌赢的钱还不是再拿去赌,因为是不劳而无获,容易再丢,​赌输了,又想 翻本,永远没完没了,最后益了赌馆。难怪赌场年年赚大钱​,都是血汗钱 ,劳苦工作,之后,用手指把钱白白送给并不相干的人





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Cleansing Express, the makeup remover brand from Japan, has renamed to Bifesta recently. Bi = Beauty, Festa = Festival

From the wonderful folks of Mandom who bring you Gatsby

Water, not oil, yet cleanses like magic in just 1 wipe! no dragging of skin, no second wiping! pure, clean, with green tea extract to treat those with large pores

New name, new packaging! Same effective product! launch roadshows coming your way..!