Jackpot winner to get cash payout

Marina Bay Sands casino has agreed to pay $416,742.11 to the winner of a jackpot cash prize.

The casino had earlier refused to pay Mdm Zhu Yun Ping (50, vegetarian food stall owner) the prize when she struck the jackpot on 18 October.
At the time, a casino manager had purportedly approached Mdm Zhu and explained to her that the jackpot machine had malfunctioned.

The manager went on to explain that the stated cash prize of more than $410,000 is not possible as the highest cash payout from the machine is only $50,000. The casino then tried to offer Mdm Zhu the machine’s top prize, a sports car worth $258,962.

Mdm Zhu refused to accept the sports car and went on to hire a lawyer from Straits Law to bring her case to the casino. She also lodged a complaint with local gambling watchdog, the Casino Regulatory Authority.

In the latest development, Mdm Zhu has received a written reply from the casino on 4 November last Friday. In the letter, the casino has confirmed that it will pay Mdm Zhu the prize money owed to her.

Mdm Zhu is very happy with the casino’s response and expects that she will receive a cheque for her cash prize this Saturday. She has also dropped her complaint against the casino.

Source: Shin Min Daily News, 9 November 2011. Click here for the Chinese report.

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