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Happy Chinese New Year~~ WATER DRAGON~~

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Babies born next year Feb will still be Dragon, so no hurry!

For interested females, the last period has to be latest by mid May in order to conceive a dragon baby.

A pity it is water dragon (Hai Long Wang)… sounds like an eel…I prefer the Fire Dragon

For me, my favourite horoscope is still rabbit, so cute!


Singapore’s cosiest cinema seats

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Platinum Movie Suites

Always wished a local cinema had the same sort of leather reclining chairs typically found in residential living rooms? Actually, plenty of them do. The ergonomic chairs once found in Cathay’s now defunct Picturehouse have a new home in the Platinum Movie Suites. There are blankets and pillows, too. Dig into top-drawer dishes while engrossed in your film. Personal lamps and tables help ensure that your meal doesn’t end up in your lap. Cathay Cineplexes. $28 per seat.


Sipping a glass of wine while comfortably ensconced in a dark leather recliner is the ideal way to warm up (quite literally) for a movie. Enjoy some food, too, as your side table has space for more than just a cup of soda. And there are no worries about screaming babies – unless your loved one is shocked by bad acting – as the 48-seat cinema is designed for couples. Shaw Cinemas. Prices from $20.

Gold Class

There’s nothing better than electronic recliner seats, though best keep adjustments to a minimum to avoid ending up using the person behind you as a pillow. This is the closest thing to first-class aircraft seating that you’re likely to find, and your concierge is just a press of the call button away, so you never need to lift a finger to top up your drink. You’re on your own when it comes to bathroom breaks, though. GV Katong, GV VivoCity and GV Grand. $28 per seat.

Cinema Europa

Luxury cinema-going isn’t just for the well-heeled. VivoCity’s Cinema Europa gives you superior comfort at a wallet-friendly price. Comfy blue seats, a digital screen and a lack of those undersized, car-style cup holders – which makes it easier to park your popcorn – are among the drawcards here. GV VivoCity. $8 per seat.

The Sinema Theatre

Forget the latest Michael Bay blockbuster, because renting out an entire cinema to screen the film of your choice – not Pearl Harbor, please – is so much better. Imagine soft, bright red leather sofas from wall to wall — space for you and 135 of your … err … closest friends. Designed for private screenings and publicity events, the theatre on the 2nd floor of Sinema Old School is the ideal venue for your own short film festival or private screening. Of course, you’ll still have to decide which films to watch using the in-house list. You should probably avoid Armageddon, too. Sinema Old School. Prices start at $395 for 4 hours.


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Pulse-taking has a vital role in disease diagnosis. However, TCM practitioners should never rely on this information alone because it does not offer a fully accurate diagnosis.
Careful attention to the pulse, however, can be revealing. A “rolling pulse”, for instance, is a common sign in pregnant women, and it can also be seen in patients who have dampness in their intestines and stomach.
The most accurate diagnosis combines the indicators of taking the pulse, inspection, listening, smelling and questioning.

If your sleep is repeatedly disturbed at a certain hour, it is an indication that your organs may require attention. For example, the liver functions are affected between 3 to 5am, and the large intestines from 5 to 7am.
In TCM, Qi (energy) flows through 12 principal meridians within the body in a 24-hour cycle. Qi takes around two hours to revitalise and strengthen the organ system associated with that particular meridian before continuing to subsequent meridians.

In TCM, food is medicine, and medicine is food. Like Chinese herbs, food is divided into four main classifications based on their properties: cool, cold, hot and warm.
Food with warm or hot properties, for instance, can be used to provide balance and treat illnesses that are classified as cool or cold in nature. Conversely, food with cool or cold properties can be effective against illnesses that are classified as warm or hot.

Acupuncture calms the mind and relaxes muscles, thus resulting in reduced stress levels. A typical acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific points on the body.
Acupuncture stimulates electromagnetic signals in the body, which are relayed at a greater rate than normal. Some of these signals activate the flow of pain-killing biochemicals such as endorphins, which help in calming nerves.

Crystalake review : Marriot Hotel

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The standard room is really small, not comparable to Hotel Inter-Continental, Pan Pacific, York Hotel, Traders Hotel etc. The good thing? In Orchard shopping belt! But that is not the issue.

Happy CNY!!!

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Deluxe TenseUp is a limited edition product and is already sold out islandwide. Is this the Hong Kong version? Alternatively, you can try TenseUp EX to achieve firm and radiant skin. It retails at $61.50 for a box of 10.

FANCL star product, TENSEUP EX is the intensive care for women of all ages who wish to achieve and maintain firm, elastic and radiant skin.
Packed with MUTENKA anti-aging ingredients such as our patented HTC® Collagen to replenish daily lost collagen and boost collagen synthesis to minimize signs of ageing. Its shorter molecular structure compared to regular collagen ensures effective absorption into skin. Newly added Apple Polyphenol to combat photo-aging by retaining moisture, preventing DNA damage and the deepening of wrinkles.
In apple yogurt flavor, this intensive beauty drink replenishes skin with the nutrients it needs with only 14kcal.

TenseUp EX
For firm radiant skin
S$61.50 50ml x 10 bottles
S$7.00 50ml x 1 bottle

1 bottle, best taken after dinner or before bedtime

HTC® (High Tripeptide-containing) Collagen, Apple Extract, Rice Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Citric Acid, Sweetener, L-Ascorbic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Xanthan Gum, Gellan Gum, Erythritol, Beta-Cyclodextrin, Yogurt Essence, Yogurt Flavor, Grapefruit Flavor, Orange Flavor, Water


Collagen is a type of protein found in the dermis of the skin. Together with hyaluronic acid and elastin, it helps to maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Production of collagen starts to decline when we reach our mid-twenties. This loss of collagen, together with external factors such as pollution, damaging UV rays and stress, results in visible signs of ageing characterised by wrinkles and saggy skin.


Collagen is also found in food. However, our body absorbs only a limited amount of collagen from the food we eat. That’s because regular collagen made of long-bond molecules are not easily absorbed.

FANCL patented HTC® (High Tripeptide-containing) COLLAGEN has a shorter molecular structure than regular collagen, thus enabling optimal absorption by our body. This tripeptide structure (Glycine-Proline-Hydroxyproline) is able to reach our skin easily as it resembles our skin’s collagen structure. This helps to boost skin’s firmness and also delays signs of ageing more effectively.

Clinical Test:
We undertook testing on three groups of people – one group took HTC® COLLAGEN, another took regular collagen, and yet another took no collagen at all. Collagen levels were measured every week for ten weeks, and it was concluded that HTC® COLLAGEN led to the highest levels of collagen in the users’ skin.

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

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