Pulse-taking has a vital role in disease diagnosis. However, TCM practitioners should never rely on this information alone because it does not offer a fully accurate diagnosis.
Careful attention to the pulse, however, can be revealing. A “rolling pulse”, for instance, is a common sign in pregnant women, and it can also be seen in patients who have dampness in their intestines and stomach.
The most accurate diagnosis combines the indicators of taking the pulse, inspection, listening, smelling and questioning.

If your sleep is repeatedly disturbed at a certain hour, it is an indication that your organs may require attention. For example, the liver functions are affected between 3 to 5am, and the large intestines from 5 to 7am.
In TCM, Qi (energy) flows through 12 principal meridians within the body in a 24-hour cycle. Qi takes around two hours to revitalise and strengthen the organ system associated with that particular meridian before continuing to subsequent meridians.

In TCM, food is medicine, and medicine is food. Like Chinese herbs, food is divided into four main classifications based on their properties: cool, cold, hot and warm.
Food with warm or hot properties, for instance, can be used to provide balance and treat illnesses that are classified as cool or cold in nature. Conversely, food with cool or cold properties can be effective against illnesses that are classified as warm or hot.

Acupuncture calms the mind and relaxes muscles, thus resulting in reduced stress levels. A typical acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific points on the body.
Acupuncture stimulates electromagnetic signals in the body, which are relayed at a greater rate than normal. Some of these signals activate the flow of pain-killing biochemicals such as endorphins, which help in calming nerves.


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