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Guidelines When To Replace Your Makeup

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 Toss it away after from first use:
 18 months:      Powder, Blush, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Lip Gloss
 12-18 months: Concealer, Cream Blush
 12 months:      Foundation, Lip Liner, Nail Polish …
 6 months:        Liquid Eyeliner 3 months:        Mascara Makeup Sponge: Wash after each use then throws it away after a month.


Important headstart for kids

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Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools is a programme in Singapore which caters to academically strong students who excel in both their mother tongue as well as English. Currently, SAP schools only cater to those studying the Mandarin mother tongue. These schools are offering SAP: Ai Tong School Catholic High
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girl’s School Holy Innocents’ Primary School Hong Wen School Kong Hwa School Maha Bohdi School Maris Stella High School Nan Hua Primary School Nanyang Primary School Pei Chun Public School Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School Poi Ching School Red Swastika School Tao Nan School
As for Gifted Education Programme (GEP). The term “gifted” is used to include many kinds of strengths. However, there are a few broad areas in which giftedness can show itself. They are intellectual ability, leadership ability, talent in art and music, and psychomotor ability. The GEP, as well as School-Based Gifted Education programmes offered by Integrated Programmes (IP) schools at the secondary level, cater for the intellectually gifted.
Gifted education is offered in the following schools:
Primary Gifted Education Programme (GEP) (Primary 4 to 6) School Nature of School Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) Boys
Catholic High School (Primary)* Boys Henry Park Primary School Co-ed
Nan Hua Primary School* Co-ed Nanyang Primary School* Co-ed Raffles Girls’ Primary School Girls Rosyth School Co-ed St Hilda’s Primary School Co-ed Tao Nan School* Co-ed
* Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools which offer only Chinese Language as Mother Tongue.
Meaning those in SAP schools will have to work on their chinese language since the kids have to handle higher chinese unless they opt out/not selected/etc. Thus, it’ll be good if the kids show an interest in chinese, but it’s torturous for those kids who grew up speaking only English, read English and show absolute no interest in Chinese. I’ve seen quite a number of such students. To them, chinese lesson is a waste of time and they speak chinese like foreigners learning to speak the language… During chinese lessons, they dun speak chinese but english and expect the teacher to translate each chinese character to english… Personally, I couldn’t get used to such chinese lesson esp when in my sec school, majority excel in chinese language and obtaining As even though mine is jus a normal neighbourhood schools. but it seems like those in neighbourhood schools have no problem in chinese language and big problem in English during my era coz many fail their EL and got to re-take. It’ll be good to place them in SAP if the parents also place such importance in the mother tongue language… I think KK will be v interested in SAP… :-) Btw, is Kong Hwa within 1km from ur home? Coz for this year Phase 2B, balloting is required for those within 1-2km. For schools under SHHK, many of them facing balloting for those within 1 km or within 1-2km coz too many applicants due to the SHHK affiliation thingy. While other schools’ phase 2B only consider churches/grassroot/PV, schools under SHHK consider clan/grassroot/PV of which many ppl sign up as SHHK, it doesn’t help that majority of our population r Hokkien so many r eligible to sign up for SHHK.


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Katsuobushi (鰹節or・ゥ・ツ・ィ・ヤ・オ?) is the Japanese name for dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis, sometimes referred to as bonito).

I need to buy the whole piece and the board, anyone knows where to get it in Singapore?

some tips to use FANCL Facial Washing Powder

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① Wash hands before foaming. Wet face with lukewarm water before washing.

② Shape palm like a bowl, and then pour 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of facial washing powder onto palm.

③ Add lukewarm water 5 times the amount of washing powder. (Warm water improves foaming.)

④ Place the fingers of the free hand onto the palm and move in circular movement to pump in air. (Do not impose strength)

⑤ Gather foam at the centre of palm and repeat the movement until the foam is dense and creamy like whip cream. Foam should be at least the size of a ping-pong ball.

⑥ Massage foam onto face in circular movement without imposing strength onto face.

⑦ Rinse face thoroughly taking note of hairlines and chin. Then pat dry skin with a clean towel.

Humble House review of Kao Biore

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Kao Biore facial wash is cheap and ok, but not as good as those from Skinfood etc. Reason? The foam is the watery kind, not creamy type, meaning that it vanishes very fast into water. Thus, you have to be fast in washing the face, otherwise the foam just vanishes, which means a 2nd round of lathering…

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Review :  Hotel near Goodwood

The horrifying wooden door between 2 rooms. It is designed in such a way that if the user of one room opens his side of the door, and the user of the next room opens his side of it, then they can enter each other’s room. I could not sleep that night. Kept checking that MY SIDE OF THE DOOR WAS REALLY LOCKED. At one point, I opened mine out of curiosity, and was glad the other one was locked from that side. Too stressful, would never ever contemplate on staying there anymore.

Beware, it’s probably a scam

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“A foreign sounding Chinese female asked if I would participate in a travel survey.
“I said I was not interested, and she hung up immediately. I believe this to be a scam.
“This happened to me a few years back.
“First, they will do a survey. Second, they will tell you there will be a lucky draw somewhere overseas. Third, lucky you, you won some big prize in cash. Fourth, due to the event was organised charity. Fifth, in order to collect it, you need to make donation or some other odd payment.
“There you go… SCAM!
“It was on Crime Watch. It looks like they are back again.
“Please beware of them. There are no free lunches in this world.”


Crystalake solution :

Next time they call, If Chinese, you speak English, if English you speak Chinese. If both can speak. Tell them, call me back. 我在大便!