Beware, it’s probably a scam

“A foreign sounding Chinese female asked if I would participate in a travel survey.
“I said I was not interested, and she hung up immediately. I believe this to be a scam.
“This happened to me a few years back.
“First, they will do a survey. Second, they will tell you there will be a lucky draw somewhere overseas. Third, lucky you, you won some big prize in cash. Fourth, due to the event was organised charity. Fifth, in order to collect it, you need to make donation or some other odd payment.
“There you go… SCAM!
“It was on Crime Watch. It looks like they are back again.
“Please beware of them. There are no free lunches in this world.”


Crystalake solution :

Next time they call, If Chinese, you speak English, if English you speak Chinese. If both can speak. Tell them, call me back. 我在大便!


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