Shaw Theatres JCube IMAX

A fan’s review :

I am proud to be amongst the first to watch at this excellent theatre watching Wrath of the Titans. The size of the screen is just perfect for the theatre. It’s spacious and has a very nice ambience. Picture quality is near perfect for the actual movie but the previews came out a little blurred probably due to syncing issues. It’s one of the very few theaters that is in my opinion has the best surround sound. It’s a notch better than that in Lido. The seats are super comfortable. A few feedbacks : Chinese subtitles 3D effect was way too distracting. The image screened was just slight out of alignment at the top centre so part of the image were lost. It be good to paint the aircon vents black as the current white color is a bit distracting too. While the rest of the seats would have no problem enjoying the movie just as well, the best seats in the house are row C8 – C12 and D 8 to D12. Aircon was just a little too cold but it’s new and will wear in. You know in some cinema, you are made to exit the hall like a prison escapee. Well, this cinema is different, you exit where you came in with your heads held up high. Kudos to Shaw for being one of the few that does this!

The 3D specs is one of the biggest and lightest I have worn and it seems to work really well. However, i find it a little uncomfortable as it keeps brushing against my cheek, ok, i have a rather rounded face… but it is good. This is the first time in a cinema which I could actually hear sound travel from top right to bottom left instead of top left usually heard in other cinemas. The way the sound in engineered in the hall is first class. Is it worth Sgd 22? Definitely! Remember, we staying at the West are the ones who can proudly declare that we have 2 IMAXs within a kilometer range!  Well Done SHAW! I look forward to many more movies at this cinema, 2D, 3D and IMAX with my family….


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