Little quail’s egg

In June 1998, Miss Shaw Soo Ling, 29, and Mr Philip Lemette, 31, died off Indonesia’s Anambas Islands.

SINGAPORE, June 21 (AFP) – The granddaughter of Hong Kong movie mogul Sir Run Run Shaw was laid to rest a week after she and her Dutch friend drowned on a diving trip, the Sunday Times reported.

Shaw Soo Ling, 29, was cremated Saturday after a ceremony attended by her father Harold Shaw, managing director of the entertainment outfit Shaw Organization here, her mother Philamae Wong, other family members and friends.

Shaw and Phillip Lemette, 30, were found by the Indonesian navy, after going missing during the dive last week. They had drowned beneath an abandoned oil rig off the Indonesian Anambas islands in the South China Sea.

Lemette was to be cremated Sunday, also at the Mount Vernon Columbarium in the east of the central city district, the report said.

Shaw and Lemette were among a group of 20 divers and crew who departed from here on June 11 aboard a boat for a dive trip off the Anambas islands.

On arriving at the site two days later, the group did two dives before noticing the couple had not yet surfaced.

An extensive search and rescue operation on sea and air was launched by the Indonesian navy last Sunday, along with support provided by the Shaw family, and the bodies were found late Wednesday.

A year and a month later, Miss Audrey Loh, 25, died off Layang Layang.

These divers perished at almost 13-month intervals, an alarming rate for a sport that is reputed to be safe.
Part of the reason, I believe, is the poor quality of dive instruction by some operators.
In the past three years, the diving industry has been inundated with new dive stores that go all out to undercut the more established outlets with seductively low prices.


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