Shakespeare in the Park

Twelfth Night has been very well received by both critics and audiences. The Straits Times called it “…terribly romantic…sublimely beautiful.” and “…a classic celebration of life, love and pleasure.”

With only two weeks to go, please do book your tickets via SISTIC. This is one fun-filled frolic in the park.

I was late. Running all the way up the hill (well… I used escalator partly…) to the Gothic Gate was tiring

The restroom : I remembered last time at the Ballet in The Park, was a row of containers. Now, same, but this row was in a tent, complete with floor boards etc.  something to do with beautifying the backdrop of the play as it was next to Orsino’s ship…..?

I like Lady Olivia’s attitude towards love, that is the way, to follow your heart, though open to hurt and bruises, but it leaves no regrets.

” You shall be Duke Orsino’s mistress”

— wife is called “mistress” in the play


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