Singapore teletubbies

Due to all the studying and thus less time on sports, many teenage boys’ growth (height) seems to be stunted.

When the China lady told the media that Singapore men are short, she is not joking. It is the hard truth. In fact, in China, men less than 1.7m are called can2 fei4. Then, the male readers accused her of being too aloof, and arrogant. Then, they started to justify that since she is 1.7m, of course men appear short to her. But… why fault her over just talking about the truth? Even if we don’t talk about it, we can see it for ourselves in mrts, malls, schools etc. The local men are very short… most of them are the same height as their gf or just a bit taller, sometimes shorter… sigh

I am only 1.7m tall too, and sometimes, I thought I am in Lilliput, esp when I wear heels.

By right, the younger generation should be taller than the older one due to better nutrition etc, but in Singapore, it seems the opposite. Thus, to add more height, have you people notice that these boys start having weird antennas on their heads to add height? By antennas, I mean hairstyle on the top moulded till it looks like a pyramid or antenna?

This is so funny… reminds me of teletubbies… Maybe can add at most 5cm? plus tall shoes, another maybe 5cm?

My aunt always complain that her son is always late for school, as he spends a long time in the bathroom trying to make his hair stand. No wonder Gatsby and hex are flying off the shelves as they are needed to make hair stand. Another trend is to perm the hair up there till it is tall and fluffy like a pom.

You know, height does not matter at all, it is the character, kindness, empathy, nice. So… pls don’t have a “cone” on top of the head anymore….


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