Police take almost 15 hours to get to body in rubbish-choked flat

IT took the police about 15 hours before they were able to locate and remove the body of a 59-year-old man from the toilet of a Hougang flat.

The police were alerted to a foul smell from a second-storey unit of Block 528 Hougang Ave 6 at about 3.30pm on Thursday 31st May.

But it was only at about 6am yesterday Fri 1st June before they eventually removed the body of Mr Idris Ibrahim from the four-room flat.

The task had been made complicated as the flat was choked with rubbish from floor to ceiling.

There was also no electricity supply at the flat, so police officers had to rely on torchlights as they work through the night to get to the body, said neighbours.

The dead man is only known as Ellis to her neighbours.

The 59-year-old stayed in a four-room flat on the second floor of block 528 at Hougang Avenue 6. 

Police was called at 3:25pm yesterday after his neighbour called the police complaining of a stench from the house. According to her, she last saw the man about a week ago. The smell from the decomposing body began to emit from the apartment a few days ago. Initially, she thought it was the smell of a dead rat. However, as the stench got stronger, she decided to call the police. The house was filled with trash in the living room and bedrooms. Even the cops were unable to enter without face masks due to the intolerable smell. As the man had not been paying his utility bills, the police had to search for the body using flash lights. The police were able to contact his family members who arrived at the scene at about 7pm. After they had confirmed the identity of the body, the police spent the next hours clearing the junk in the house before finally removing the body at 6am the next day. 

His neighbours said that they do not have no idea why he started collecting trash. “We often see him eating food people have thrown into dustbins or other places.” they said. They added that he looked to be in good health before passing away. The man used to be living with his wife, son and daughter until he got divorced four to five years ago. He has been staying alone ever since.

According to his son-in-law, the man refused to accept money from family members even though he was always broke. He chose to live by himself without water and electricity. (hmm….)

The son-in-law added that he went to visit Ellis with his wife earlier in the week, but he refused to open the door. (hmm….)  Ellis is believed to have been supported by the good will of his neighbour and assistance from the Town Council. His neighbours said they would give him $10 sometimes. (hmm…. he refused money from his kids but accepted neighbour’s money? )  Although there was no sign of struggle at the scene, the police have classified the case as unnatural death and they are investigating.

Source : Read the full report in The New Paper on Saturday (June 2).

His immediate neighbour is a 3 room unit. That block comprises of mix of 3 and 4 room units, 2 lifts, and only 4 units on his floor.

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