Just had a general question regarding depression and mental illness, especially in the Korean society. This may have been discussed in previous threads before, sorry if I’m bringing up old discussions.

I was wondering what the general consensus was about depression or mental illness in Asian society, in this case Korean society. Within the past year I have read over a handful of articles about celebrities committing suicide and I am sure the numbers are greater within the general public. Is depression or mental illness something that is general not discussed and maybe pushed aside and not taken too seriously?

I’m Asian but have grown up in America most of my life but I have noticed that even within the Asian communities here depression can be considered something as a false condition. I’ve even heard people saying that people who suffer from depression just have to bare with life and push forward. Maybe it’s just the older generations thinking and I’m sure we have all heard of our grandparents stories of struggles when they were younger (i.e – living through World War 1&2, oppression…etc.).

But with all these suicides, is it considered shameful to the public or ones family to admit your suffering from depression (or in some cases, other mental illnesses)?


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