We went to the airport as the cafe is 24 hours.

One weary traveller slept along the walkway of the cafe near the sofas ( ok, he slept on the floor beside my sofa seat) and check-in counter, under the cameras, lying on top of his backpack, instead of sleeping on those seats at the far sides. SMART! To ensure that he did not roll off the pack and thus risk having the pack stolen, he strapped the pack to his shoulders and waist. The only cons : the walkway is rather busy even at 2am, can he sleep fully? Otherwise, it is just resting, will still be tired. 2nd : What if someone step on him accidentally? But still, not quite possible, as he is in full view of all, hard to miss his sprawling 1.9m height. But, for a girl, guess hard to copy his method unless very brave. Anyway, I will apply this method when in the same situation

REMEMBER, if you need to sleep in public places, sleep in full view of the survelliance camera!!! THIS IMPORTANT!!


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