Sakura, “ying hua”

In those dating events, those young pretty girls that are planted in these events are known to industry insiders as “Sakura”. They are paid by the organisers to be there or just helping out their organiser friends who needs the men to keep coming back to the events, but they have to give others the impression that they are just like the others, there to look for potential partners. Sounds like ladies nights in pubs.

Some of the Sakuras are dating quite a few of these men for fun and free explanade concert chaffeured trips etc. In fact, it is common for them to own several handphones, as it seems that men in Singapore like to give the latest phones as gifts. Now you know why so many men in Singapore are not married? Because they are dating Sakuras, who are wasting their time and would never marry them, either because they are married themselves or for other reasons. But the pay they got from attending the dating events are quite good actually. Telltale signs : these girls are usually cropped out of all the photos in such events for obvious reasons.

My friend is a Sakura, and she told the guys at these events that she is a relationship manager. Every morning, they would drive her to work, stop outside this bank in CBD, wave and drive off. Then she would proceed to walk away instead of entering the bank building. LOL!!

I hope this practice has to stop, as it is not fair to the genuine men who are at these events. These events usually have an entrance fee. So, if you are a guy and single, please look out for such


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