Haunted Condo

Again, saw their ad to sell. It has been so long, but still no takers? or fresh owners wish to sell? Upon entering the premises, the vibes are not right already.

If you are sceptical then ask a security guard about it and study his facial expression carefully. They have been warned not to tell of their
experiences but the eyes cant lie. Anything that happens throughout the night, they need to write down in their log books, including reports of their patrols around. In this condo, do you know why they always keep it under lock and key? The neighbours won’t tell too, for obvious reasons that the prices might plunge if made known. But their maids would tell if asked, ask nicely. Better still, if you have a maid, bring her along for the home viewing, and she can ask the other maids in their native language, perhaps they would then be more willing to comment on the unit.

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