1. No Middleman

Our expert diamond gemologists handpick diamonds directly from the largest diamond mines in the world. Hence, ensuring we get high quality diamond jewellery at the lowest price possible.

Despite the high levels of service expertise, as well as a comprehensive diamond inventory and eclectic collection of bespoke jewellery, Asta Diamond prides itself on offering our customers the best value proposition for all their needs.

2. Shopping Convenience

If you’re weary of sieving through boutique after boutique in search for that perfect ring, Asta Diamond’s online presence means its comprehensive collection is accessible anywhere, everywhere. An entire transaction can be completed without stepping foot out of one’s home or office and if you know what you’re looking for, a few clicks and queries is all it takes for the insured package to be dispatched to your location of choice.

3. Exceptional Quality & Design

We select every single one of our diamonds personally and manage all designs and distributions under one roof. Hence, ensuring outstanding quality in all our jewellery.

Our catalogue of diamonds and jewellery is extensive and boasts a collection of in-house designs that should suit a myriad of palates, as well as cater to different romantic occasions, be it engagement, marriage or just an expression of love.

4. Custom Made

All our jewellery are made to order and hence gives a perfect fit provides exceptional comfort to its wearer.

5. Secure Online Shopping

Asta Diamond understands the importance of online security, especially with electronic fraud cases on the rise. Needless to say, the Asta Diamond e-commerce portal features the latest encryption systems that will keep your personal details safe.

6. Lifetime Commitment

Should you require the peace-of-mind afforded by a personal touch or require face-to-face assistance, Asta Diamond offers the option of browsing our range at the boutique, or completing the online purchase process by arranging collection from any one of our experienced sales consultants at the boutique.

Our team of experienced consultants is well-versed in the intricacies of diamond knowledge, trends and taste and will always have the time to address your requests and concerns, be it online or in person.

7. Trust

The fact that we are based in Singapore should give both local and global shoppers a sense of security. Singapore has an internationally-renowned reputation for taking a hard stance against Internet fraud and web-based criminal activity. Moreover, Asta Diamond’s online payment system is secured by the latest web encryption systems and offers a seamless transaction from catalogue to shopping cart and payment confirmation.


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