Do you like to travel when you are old?

When I am old, I just need a rocking chair and some great books. I would not wish to travel as packing and unpacking, and walking around would be a big torture on my body. I do not understand why some kids drag their parents round the world in order to show their filial piety. In all the pictures, their old parents looked so tired with eyes almost closed, and they were not smiling at all. They looked confused and very weary. The ones who smiled so happily are the kids. Please listen to what your parents want and not what you think they want! Not all would enjoy their money and travelling at the age of 65

The sad thing is the kids would only have accumulated enough wealth at around 40 to bring their parents abroad, by then their parents are in 60s or 70s. For this is life. Once the window period passes, it would cease to be important. For example, I used to like chinchillas and hamsters alot and kept asking my parents to buy for me. They said no. But now, I am not interested in them anymore. For the singles, once they pass a certain age, they are no longer interested in dating anymore, as it is a time-waster. Life is so short, why not devote more time to areas on interest than forcing yourself to meet people you don’t even care about? Time would be a precious commodity to them. Also, in Singapore, quite some of the murder cases or grevious bodily hurt involve one spouse against another, for money or hatred, which is scary.


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