Man missing in Greece still not found but camera found in Sweden. It means….

Man missing in Greece still not found
Camera found in a traveller lodge in Sweden, left by previous travellers. A Greek recognised the pics in the camera as Kouk, thus alerted Greece. Is Kouk travelling all over Europe now? Guess Singapore is really a stressful place to live in…

Published on Oct 18, 2011

AFTER about two weeks of futile searching in Greece, the family of missing Singaporean Kouk Leong Jin returned home on Saturday.

His parents, brother and wife Seow Shu Ping had flown to Athens on Oct 2 to search for the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School student who went missing on Sept 27.

A day before, he had flown to Athens to attend an obstetrics and gynaecological conference.

His disappearance sparked a search by the Greek authorities.

Last week, messages were posted by his parents on the Facebook page his friends set up to help find the 28-year-old. The posts in Chinese by Mr Kouk Seng Kok and Madam Ng Yea Hwa first appeared last Wednesday.

In one, Madam Ng talked about how the family had been in Athens for 10 days. She wrote: ‘Despite my worry, your dad’s sadness and your brother’s concern, we have been unable to find you. Remember that we are your family and that we will always support you. We hope you are healthy and safe.’

In another post, the father said: ‘Leong Jin, do you know what a hard time I have had looking for you? Please call me soon. Your mother and brother are also in Athens.’

On Thursday, his parents posted one more message each, urging their son to return home soon. In the father’s message, he said if Mr Kouk did not appear soon, the family would be going back to Singapore.

The messages sparked off some speculation from netizens about whether Mr Kouk had intentionally disappeared. The messages were eventually removed from the Facebook page.

A Lianhe Zaobao report yesterday quoted Ms Seow, 28, as saying that her parents-in-law just needed to express their feelings.

Yesterday, a staff member from the Singapore Consulate in Athens said the search for Mr Kouk was still going on. Spokesman Corinna Cox of Duke-NUS said the team that the school had sent to Athens to help in the search had also returned home.



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