2012 Mayan doomsdayers

if you’re reading this,
it can only mean one thing–

The 2012 Mayan doomsdayers were completely wrong!

Did you know that as many 1 in 10 people surveyed
in over 21 countries, thought the world was going
to end today?

Humanity seems to have a bizarre obsession with
finality. As far back as 634 BCE, Romans predicted
that 12 mystical eagles had revealed a ‘secret’
number that would determine the end date of Rome.

Since then, there have been no fewer than 288
publicly recorded doomsday prophecies running
the gamut of apocalypse, asteroid collisions, and
general human expiration… from the early predictions
of Nostradamus, to the high-tech Y2K bug fearers.

And yet — here we are. The world still turns.

Of course, any smart person knows that such
predictions should only be taken with a grain of
salt. The world is an incredibly complex network of
people and physics, and determining the fate of an
entire universe based on an ancient and misunderstood
calendar isn’t exactly going to yield accurate results.

Despite that, NASA has fielded over 5,000 questions
since 2007 from worried citizens, fearing the end of
the world. The sale of shelters and bunkers has
increased. Hundreds of thousands of sites have been
set-up to discuss the topic.

Even a mayor in a town in Brazil mobilized its
citizens to gather food supplies to hunker down for
the end of the world!

It’s amazing to me that so many people would plan
for the total annihilation of planet Earth, and yet so
few even realize the very real and grave threat to
life as we know it that’s right in front of us —


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