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Dye job

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If you are an Asian, do you know that if you dye your hair to brown, you need a huge amount of after care regularly forever after the dye job? If not, the dyed hair would be dry like straws (or hay) and breakable easily! If you stand too close to the giraffe enclosure at the zoo, they might munch on it!! It has to do with the damaging bleaching done before they can dye your hair to the colour you choose. For the Korean pop girls, they have their stylists to care for them, thus their hair is always soft and beautiful brown or maroon shade to complement their radiant skin. But for us, we have to visit the salons regularly after it or care for it ourselves at home with the products purchased from the salon. All these torture can stop after the hair grows out and we cut it.

It is not easy to get soft lighter coloured hair without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, do you have the stamina to keep making trips to the salon to apply hair mask/mud etc?? At Chev Vous, they have this shaker with the concoction, and they would apply all over your hair. Then, mythic oil would be applied.

Chinese girls look prettiest with charcoal coloured hair 🙂


Life’s rich tapestry : Candle in the Wind

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Elton john has said it took all of his professionalism to keep from crying in this tribute. people respond in different ways to grief, john responded with excellent art.

Sometimes some things are perhaps better left unsaid.

Hansel and Gretel

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Just my own view :

Hansel and Gretel : Very Very Good

The Impossible : Not Good

Argo : Very Good

Jack Reacher : Bad

Mama : Good

Silent Hill : Bad. If I knew it was from a video game adaptation, I would never watch

The Guillitones : Terrible. Left after 30 minutes

Les Miserables : Left after 30 minutes because I did not know it was a musical. I prefer musical to be live on stage and not in a movie.

Silver Linings : OK. I like this sentence : “I opened up to you and you judged me!”. But, I don’t understand why she is attracted to him.

Social Phenomenon

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3 of my girl pals are getting married in these 2 months. Looking back at the ones who got married last year, those who just got attached and also those getting engaged and going to be married soon, I notice 1 starking similarity — all the men own cars (as in self ownership, not company cars nor family cars), right from their first date all the way till marriage. Are cars or COEs getting cheaper now? No right? Guess it is true then that guys with cars stand a better chance? I don’t know… all I know is that if she really likes you, even a bicycle is ok, can cycle together and do the tian mi mi thingy. But I grew up with these girls from schooling till now, so I am sure they are not materialistic, but maybe a little realistic. Is it good to be realistic too?

Guy A : Let’s get married! Together, we will work hard towards purchasing our first car!
**Girl runs away**

Guy B : I will buy a car when I have kids, as then, I would need it for family outings etc
**Girl runs away**

Guy C : Car is depreciating asset, will never get one!
**Girl runs away**

Guy D : I drove when I was at Pulau Bukom!
**Girl runs away**

Guy E : err… I drove when I was in Australia on holiday few years ago
**Girl runs away**

Guy F : Well… I can borrow one from my friend when we need it
**Girl runs away**

Guy G : My company sent me on a course for this week, and also access to the company car. Let’s go out now!


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现代用工业漂白剂之类的毒物洗涤鱼翅… 你真的敢吃吗?



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Maybe heavens/aliens are watching us from above

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