Dye job

If you are an Asian, do you know that if you dye your hair to brown, you need a huge amount of after care regularly forever after the dye job? If not, the dyed hair would be dry like straws (or hay) and breakable easily! If you stand too close to the giraffe enclosure at the zoo, they might munch on it!! It has to do with the damaging bleaching done before they can dye your hair to the colour you choose. For the Korean pop girls, they have their stylists to care for them, thus their hair is always soft and beautiful brown or maroon shade to complement their radiant skin. But for us, we have to visit the salons regularly after it or care for it ourselves at home with the products purchased from the salon. All these torture can stop after the hair grows out and we cut it.

It is not easy to get soft lighter coloured hair without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, do you have the stamina to keep making trips to the salon to apply hair mask/mud etc?? At Chev Vous, they have this shaker with the concoction, and they would apply all over your hair. Then, mythic oil would be applied.

Chinese girls look prettiest with charcoal coloured hair 🙂


One Response to “Dye job”

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