Tampines accident funeral: 600 people bid final farewell to the two brothers

Some 600 friends, relatives and strangers turned up on Thursday afternoon to say their final good-bye to the two brothers who were killed in a horrific accident in Tampines on Monday.

As gospel music played, the coffins of Nigel Yap, 13, and his seven-year-old brother Donavan were carried out of the void deck of the family’s Tampines Street 44 home into two hearses.

Following behind were their parents, Mr Francis Yap, 39, Madam Suliani Ang, 38, relatives, neighbours, friends and well-wishers.

They had earlier attended a 15-minute service where two pastors led the crowd in singing hymns and saying their last prayers.

The entourage is headed to Mandai Crematorium which will be the two brothers’ final resting place.

The boys were killed when their bicycle was hit by a cement mixer truck at the junction of Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Street 45 on Monday evening.

The driver is currently out on bail and his licence has been suspended.


Crystalake :

LOsing 1 child is painful. But losing 1 whole set of kids is unimaginable.

The accident photos are still online, it is now exhibiting on an international site catering for people who like such themes. Some of the comments are not very kind…I think one comment mentioned that the small asian eyes of driver of course cannot see much on the road.. Of the pictures, 1 is a very closed-up. I hope the parents would not see it, as they are very scary pictures…


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