Amanda Todd Born November 27th 1996-October 10th 2012

She was a god damn hot girl with great looks, looks thousand of self conscious ugly girls in school alive today wish they had her looks so they wouldn’t be make fun of or feel like they are not welcome.

Amanda Todd…. What a horrible story about teen suicide that is so preventable. All this girl needed was ONE, just one person to talk to. This girl felt so alone, walking crowded halls in a busy school, walking home in a busy street, strolling through a mall with thousands of people yet still alone. It is an awful feeling to be surrounded by people and feel alone. The crushing weight of nothingness is so immense you feel your entire world could collapse with the littlest poke. You’re young and in the information age, with a few key strokes and a mouse click you can talk to people around the world. Ask almighty google thing’s like (can dog’s really look up?) (If you keep your eye’s crossed do they really stay that way?) (How many golden strands of beautiful hair adorn Justin Biebers head?)… or whatever teen girls ask google. I know first hand what she felt like because just like 90% of kids that went to school, yea it sucked fucking balls. It got bad, it gets worse, you feel like there is only one way out. then someone you know say’s is something wrong? That one statement makes you look up, you can’t believe someone just asked you if YOU were doing ok, whether they were sincere or not doesn’t matter this person saw the hurt inside you and stopped to ask you what was wrong. In true honesty when I had Amanda Todd moments I give all the credit to my brother. He took the time to see something was wrong even if at the time we were mortal enemies who never got along for more than a few hours. He sat and listened to my issues however trivial and it’s not so much what he said its the fact he listened. I wasn’t alone someone had included me in their thoughts in a positive way and offered kind words, sincere kind words and maybe you didn’t feel better right away, but after the tears dried up the thoughts of ending your worthless pathetic life went away, the kind words would sink in over time and provide a shield for you to hold up when people spat venom at you. One person makes all the difference One person can save a life.


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