Food in Japan

If you are travelling to Japan for the food, there is no need, as many of the famous shop chains have come over to Singapore to open outlets. Singapore already has a lot of well known Ramen outlets, which can rival that of Japan. They are:

1. AJISEN Ramen

2. Hokkiado Aoba Ramen

3. RamenPlay

4. Ramentown (@Bugis+)

5. The Ramen Bar

6. Anymore?

if you like ramen.. you gotta check these out

1) Marutama Ramen @ Clark Quay Central

2) Menya Musashi @ Raffles Place Shopping Centre

3) Santouka Ramen @ Cuppage

4) Ramen Champion @ Bugis+

5) Baikohken @ Taka

6) Tampopo @ Taka

The layout of those supermarkets in Japan looks like those in Singapore, hard to differentiate unless you look at the words. Not much point to travel there, unless you are going for nature in their countryside provinces, which we have not much here.


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