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congestion, overnight queues, food wastage and even quarrels outside McDonalds!

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These Fairy Tale Kitties are not comparable to the Millennium kitties as they are smaller and flatter, and their eyes and flat noses are cloth material, not those plastic protruding ones used. Looks like those soft toys in those arcade machines. Is it worth $4.60? The workmanship and garments seem like those elementary stuff done in those Secondary school art and craft home economics classes by students, and cannot be compared to the elaborate gowns worn by the millennium kitties, especially those Kimono male and female Kitties. That Singing Bones Kitty has simplest design as it is not wearing anything since it is a Corpse Kitty.

The problem is that they are sealed in boxes, and buyers who buy from resellers cannot see what is inside, and opening the plastic would affect the resale value. This means that it could be anything placed inside by unscrupulous resellers.


Jobstreet, here I come~!

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I wish to leave the office on the dot when work ends at 6pm. But no one in the office dares to leave at 6pm. I did. The next day, I was summoned to the boss’ office, and given a “lecture”. He said that if I leave at 6pm daily, very hard for him to promote me. He even mapped out my career path, and said he wanted me to do this, that, this, that…HIGH Hopes. NO WONDER no one leaves at 6pm~ because they have had this “lecture”. Well, I am leaving, not 6pm, I mean, this company.

Reason why Crystalake is not using N95

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By breathing in your own carbon dioxide repeatedly, one would feel faint, nausea, dizzy and unwell. I rather do without it.

surgical masks

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ineffective and may even cause more harm to people because it gives whoever who uses them a false sense of security. If the masks are not rated N95, it will not filter the particulate matter.

卫生部也表示,全国有足够的N95口罩,国人不必争买囤货。Guardian、Unity、 Cold Storage和Giant等大型零售商和药房都有出售N95口罩。

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一盒20个的3M N95口罩价格是多少?$25? $35? 能宣布它的价格以杜绝那些卖每个超过4元的情况出现吗?

Atmospheric particulate matter – also known as particulates or particulate matter (PM) – are tiny pieces of solid or liquid matter associated with the Earth’s atmosphere. They are suspended in the atmosphere as atmospheric aerosol, a term which refers to the particulate/air mixture, as opposed to the particulate matter alone. However, it is common to use the term aerosol to refer to the particulate component alone.
Sources of particulate matter can be man made or natural. They can adversely affect human health and also have impacts on climate and precipitation. Subtypes of atmospheric particle matter include suspended particulate matter (SPM), respirable suspended particle (RSP; particles with diameter of 10 micrometres or less), fine particles (diameter of 2.5 micrometres or less.

Not Exactly Accurate (NEA)

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雾锁南洋 wu suo nan yang

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