Xi Zhou and Zhen Xing Yang, both 25

Their families watched the trial with an interpreter through a video link.
Miss Zhou’s father, Sanbao Zhou, said he felt “as if the sky had fallen on us” when he heard about his daughter’s death.
“We nurtured her for 25 years and now she is suddenly gone. Words alone cannot possibly convey the harm that has been done to our family.
“There is an ancient Chinese saying: ‘The most suffering one can go through in one’s life consists of losing one’s mother when one is still young, losing one’s wife in the prime of one’s life and losing one’s children in one’s old age’.
“This is especially true when one’s child has been murdered. For us, anger and sadness is mingled together.”
Mr Yang’s mother, ShuZhen Qu, said a “great deal of harm” had been done to both herself and her husband.
“This person did not just kill two people, he has killed two families. If this had not happened, we expected our son to return to China and the lives of our entire family would have been very different.
“We have now been sentenced to go to hell. Our family will never be able to have any future generations,” she said.
As the jury foreman returned the two unanimous guilty verdicts, there were gasps and shouts of “Yes” from the packed public gallery.


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