Just read this from Goodstuph

Companies who have declared work-from-home-day as of 20 June 2013:

1. Kinetic Singapore
2. Kilo
3. Ben Qwek & crew
4. Obllique
6. XM Asia Pacific (source: Celeste Ang)
7. SingTel Digital Marketing team (IMAGINE THAT! THIS IS AWESOME) (source: Miguel Bernas)
8. Dimension Data Asia Pacific (source: Tannia Goh)
9. McDonald’s Singapore Delivery (source: Ng Wai Mun)
10. Peek! (source: Chia Aik Beng)
11. Cohn & Wolfe XPR (source: Wong Renhao)
12. VML Qais (source: Nick Pan)
13. CBS Interactive (source: Aloysius Low)
14. Pizza Hut Delivery (source: Alex Ortega)
15. KFC Delivery (source: Alex Ortega)
16. Good Beer Company (source: Andrew Loh)
17. Nike Singapore (BLOODY AWESOME! IF A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY CAN DO IT, WHY NOT YOU!?) (source: Andrea Goh)
18. WKND (source: Joei Huang)
19. Meese Studios (source: Irvin Tan)
20. Singapore Tourism Board (THE OPTION TO WORK FROM HOME) (source: Ian Liu)
21. Leo Burnett Singapore (source: Eugene Ling)
22. Brew Creative (source: Vicki Lew)
23. Acechamp Business Consultants Pte. Ltd. (source: Simon Sim)
24. My Bike Shop (source: Bona Lee)
25. UberGamers Pte Ltd (source: Serene M Neo)
26. Horizon Music Entertainment (source: Victor Kwek)
27. OP Entertainment (source: Victor Kwek)
28. Double Confirm Productions (source: Hossan Leong)
29. Notch Studio Pte Ltd (source: Liang Shing Goh)
30. Mindshare Social (OPTION TO WORK FROM HOME) (source: Yasser Ismail)
31. Interpage Pte Ltd (source: Azfar Hashim)
32. RecruitPlus (source: Vince Ong)
33. Publicitas Publishing Pte Ltd (source: Betty Liswanty)
34. Robert Walters Singapore Pte Ltd (source: Zanna Syco)
35. Acceltus Pte Ltd (source: Kit Kai)
36. Blue Coat Singapore (source: Melvin Lim)
37. Carlsche Media (source: Carlsson Chee)
38. Popeyes Singapore Delivery (source: Walter Wu Weiren)
39. WanderWonder (source: Daniel Koh)
40. Five & Dime (source: Frank Yu) And I need to quote him because this is why we do what we do: “our people are worth much more than that bit of extra sales”
41. Avantgarde Minds (source: Muhammad Arif Dollah)
42. okb (source: Penny Ong)
43. Let There Be Light Photography (source: Anthony Levi Kho)
44. Intuit (source: Ben Ball)
45. Q-plus design (source: Nicholas Gabriel)
46. Prestige Financial Group (source: Nicholas Gabriel)
47. Peter Low LLC (source: Remy Choo)
48. The Tentage Bar & Cafe (source: Yogesh Mehta)
49. The Merry Men Group outlets (The Merry Men Kitchen + Bar at Robertson Quay and The Mad Men Attic Bar at Boat Quay) (source: Shawn Heng) WELL DONE SHAWN!
50. Pastamania (Singapore) Delivery (source: Janice Low)
51. Newton Circus (source: Ciaran Lyons)
52. Roses Only Singapore (source: Labelle Luo)
53. We Are Social (source: Farah Sidek)
54. Dentsu Möbius (source: Fredrik Englund)
55. Academy of Medicine, Singapore (source: Liszt Aquino Jimenez)
56. Singapore Korean International School (STUDENTS AND TEACHERS ONLY. FIRST SCHOOL ON OUR LIST! YAY! SCHOOL’S CLOSED FOR TOMORROW!) (source: Jamie Koh)
57. Scootz (source: Joanna Peck)
58. Bless, Inc. Asia (source: Daryl Teo)
59. Metoxide Singapore Pte Ltd (source: Daniel Goh)
60. Amrich Distribution (source: Alex Wong)
61. Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific (FIRST BROADCAST CHANNEL ON THIS LIST! OPTION TO WORK FROM HOME) (source: Ching Yee Wong)
62. MasterCard (source: Allison Lim)
63. Kroll Advisory Solutions (source: Vanessa Frida)
64. Special Olympics Asia Pacific (source: Karyn Tan)
65. SPT-Performance.com (source: Aston Ng)
66. theAsianparent.com (Tickled Media Pte Ltd) (OPTION TO WORK FROM HOME) (source: Roshni Mahtani)
67. Pixel Onion Pte Ltd (source: Theresia Anita Candra)
68. Muse b’Art, Muse Body Art Pte Ltd (source: Chris Ruth)
69. Leadz Graphic & Production Pte Ltd (source: Sue Nonie)
70. PullUpStand.com (source: Denny Dzulkarnaen)
71. Mulan Gallery (source: Yi Mei Tan Woolf)
72. Cyan Communications (I shall quote: Employees were allowed to claim cab into the office to email themselves what they need to and then claim cab home to work from home. Or take whatever files they need to work from home.) (source: Cheryl Guzman-Ng)
73. Reality Gaming Concepts (source: Andy Chong)
74. The Cajun Kings (source: Andrei Soen)
75. Penguin shipyard international (source: Jason Guo)
76. LiveStudios Interactive Photography (WELL DONE!) (source: Lorraine Chee)
77. Thomson Reuters (OPTION TO WORK FROM HOME IF APPROVED BY MANAGER) (source: Faizal Pahmee)
78. Lenovo Singapore (OPTION TO LEAVE THIS AFTERNOON AND WORK FROM HOME) (source: Serene Siew)
79. Dell (source: Nicholas Yong)
80. Klapston’s fabrika and Lucas Deli (FOR UNTIL PSI DROPS TO 200 WILL OPERATIONS RESUME) (source: Amanda Leung)
81. Make Studios (source: Kun)
82. Tinkerbox Studios (source: Jaryl Sim)
84. Grayling (source: James Keng Lim)
85. Orange Business Services (source: Jocelyn Englund)
86. Wunderfauks (OPTION TO WORK FROM HOME) (source: Edwin Chan)
87. Singapore Flyer (DUH! ABOUT TIME!) (source: Amanda Leung)
88. Lionstork Studios (source: Siah Peih Wee)
89. The Boutique Agency (source: Cherisse Faith)
90. Myjerseycornersg (source: Myjerseycornersg)
91. Div Comms (source: Douglas Khee)
92. Yong Beng Contractor Pte Ltd (OUR FIRST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ON THIS LIST!!! I QUOTE: Told my employees to go back to the hostel or hide in a mall. Distributed them each two N95 mask for now in case they need it. Hostel not air-conditioned. See Yong Beng Contractor Pte Ltd. We deal with scaffoldings at construction sites.) (source: Warren See)
93. Black Ops Projects (source: Robin Ho)
94. KidStartNow (source: Dan Tang)
95. Construct Digital (construct.sg) (source: Alfred Lee)
96. Quiksilver Singapore (Ecommerce Team) (source: Sean Rezel)
97. Honeycombers (source: Tina Tan)
98. Sweetlands Childcare (FRIDAY AND SATURDAY) (source: Jeanne Tan)
99. Texas Chicken Singapore Delivery (source: Serene M Neo)
101. Touch Dimensions (source: John Elijah Tan)
102. Phish Communications (source: Nirwan Noran)
103. The Necessary Stage (source: Melissa Lim)
104. Socialberg PTE LTD (source: Ken Chou)
105. LEAP SchoolHouse (SUSPENSION OF ALL CLASSES FROM 21 JUNE – 23 JUNE) (source: Sally Wong)
106. Grobartiger Hafen Pte Ltd (OPTION TO WORK FROM HOME) (source: Bernard Tan)
107. Out Of Frames (source: Brian Seah)
108. Elmwood Professional Services Pte Ltd (source: Derrick Lim)
109. TripZilla.com (source: Keith Toh)
110. Yahoo! Singapore (source: Candice Ng)
111. Lifeskills Enrichment & Lifeskills Resources (source: Michelle Lee)
112. Active 8 Pte Ltd (source: Chuah Bee Ling)
113. Bosch Singapore (source: Amos Choy)
114. Oompr Pte. Ltd (source: Calixto Tay)
115. Fly Your Biz (source: David KK Kwan)
116. ihub Media (source: Reeve Chua)
117. Studio Me Pte Ltd (source: Marie Tang)


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