you really envy old couples with white hair who are holding hands?

The question is…… Will they have white hair now if they did not get married in the first place? Do decades of living together really accelerates ageing? How old do you think they are vs how old they really are… What if they are only in 40s?? You thought they are in 80s? Are they ageing beyond their years? Is the old man using a walking stick solely due to old age or is it through years of domestic abuse?

My uncle used to have a full head of thick black hair. After marriage, his hair grew thinner and greyer. You can attribute this to the natural ageing process, but… how do you account for his hair becoming thicker, fuller and no more greying AFTER his divorce? Now, he is just dating (with young China girls, hahaha!) with no intention of marriage.

Some people work better in this journey of life without a partner.


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