Fly Away. Look at the bigger picture.

This is scary! I witnessed a fierce cats-fight of 2 girls here over a guy with a monthly income of about $8k as a trader in a foreign bank. The second girl knew him for a few months only, and is planning so much Sun-Tzu art of war strategies already. So much tears, threatening of suicide, vicious messages, sticking to him like strong glue, telling him how much she loves him, perfecting bedroom techniques etc etc. Wow, where do they get all the energy from?

I feel that there is no need to waste so much effort to win him if the basis is on his “high” paying job (and still staying with his parents and driving his retired father’s car), as he can always be retrenched the next day, and also just that amount is actually not worth all the trouble. It is an amount that can actually be earned by the girls if they concentrate on their own job than on a man’s job. If it were an impressive unreachable monthly pay and he owns his own property, then maybe the girls can consider the above antics, claws and all… please don’t spend so much energy and Sherlock-spying-strategy-planning over his pay…However, if love is involved here (very unlikely as his character does not invoke respect…), then go ahead.

Crystalake’s thoughts? I just find that his forehead seems to be getting higher and higher due to receding hairline, and in a few more years, he could pass off as a Man-Qing dynasty man if he pins a piggy tail behind! Not interested.

There are so many rich and successful guys out there. I know at least two bosses who are millionaires. They are in early and mid thirties, very refined (America educated) and speaks very fluent English. I’d advise all girls who want to fish for a golden tortoise to go out and see the world. China is blooming; there are tons of good quality young millionaires out there in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. No.. you don’t need to travel to China.. they have bought houses here and are based here now. The Man-Qing man I wrote above may not equate much when compared to these. Trust me.


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