Door of Delusion

Good Dates

1) If you want to hide from something or someone, or escaping a problem or run away from debtors use Door of Delusion

2 August 2013 9:30am South Sector (Clash: Horse)

4 December 2013 6:00am Northwest Sector (Clash: Monkey)

“Use” can means doing Feng Shui activation or personally use the area /sector. If you are personally using that sector make sure you sit on the sector itself and face the opposite direction.

2) Career / Wealth [Life Door]

18 August 2013 11:30am Northeast Sector (Clash: Dog)
Can just use for Feng Shui activation or launching a product / project.

13 September 2013 11:30am Southwest Sector (Clash: Rat)
This date is especially good if you want to do nothing but get promoted.

23 September 2013 3:30pm North Sector (Clash: Dog)

7 October 2013 5:30pm West Sector (Clash: Rat)

27 November 2013 9:30am Southwest Sector (Clash: Rabbit)

3) Risk Taking [Harm Door]
1 November 2013 1:30pm Southeast Sector (Clash: Ox)
This is also good if you want to settle argument and dispute.

4) Relationship [Door of Scenery]

29 August 2013 11:30am North Sector (Clash: Rooster)
Supposedly you can use this date to charm. It bines the person you love to you. I feel everyone should have their freedom to love, so I shall not list the steps here. Normal Feng Shui activation is good enough. :p
13 Sep is a good day too at 11:30 am

8 December 2013 11:30am Southeast Sector (Clash: Tiger)
This date is also good for sales promotion or launching products

5) Wish Fulfilling Day

25 December 2013 3:00pm Northeast or Northwest Sector
Making wishes that have mass beneficial effect will be more likely to be fulfill.


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