What is the difference between WEP-Open, WEP-Shared, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK?

what i mean is the specific difference between these types of wireless authentication…

The most recent is the most likely to be secure. WPA2 is the most recent.

WEP is the oldest and easiest to break into.

These are the forms of encryption your wireless router uses to encrypt the information to your wireless adapters.
They can all be defeated if someone takes the time to do so.

The tried and true method to real wireless security is a multi-faceted approach.

1) USE WPA2.
2) Disable the broadcast of your SSID by your wireless router.
3) Copy the MAC addresses of each of your computers and wireless devices into the MAC address table of your wireless router and then set the router to ENABLE ONLY those MAC addresses listed.
4) If you have 2 computers and 3 laptops and 2 wireless printers, ONLY create 8 Internal IP addresses on the DHCP server of your wireless router. DO not create more than you need. If every IP address is in use, it’s a good thing.

If you follow all the precautions I’ve listed, even seasoned hackers won’t break through into your wireless network.
There are so few people that actually perform all of these measures correctly. There are tons of easier targets out there than those that manage to follow these simple security rules.

WEP-Open, WEP-Shared, WPA-PSK can all be broken in to very easily. Please use WPA2
and many people will tell you wpa-psk is secure but it isnt. YOU MUST USE WPA2 TO BE SECURE!

An access point must authenticate a station before the station can associate with the access point or communicate with the network. The IEEE 802.11 standard defines two types of WEP authentication: Open System and Shared Key.
Open System Authentication allows any device to join the network, assuming that the device SSID matches the access point SSID. Alternatively, the device can use the “ANY” SSID option to associate with any available access point within range, regardless of its SSID.
Shared Key Authentication requires that the station and the access point have the same WEP key to authenticate. These two authentication procedures are described below.


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